Alpfly Package for Couples Hits All-Time-High in Winters

Winters in India commence with the sweet melodies of wedding Shehnais.  Alpfly’s packages like the Couple Plan, experience a boost in winters due to the Indian wedding season.

       This bulk ticket package offers 10 tickets for Rs 36,999, which averages to Rs 3,699.

Newlyweds agree that the Couple Plan is a better alternative than taking up the annoyance of booking an expensive ticket every time they change a destination on their honeymoon. All they have to do is buy the Alpfly package and inform the company beforehand about their excursion plans. Moreover, the ticket price remains the same despite the peak season in effect. Who wouldn’t book an Alpfly package with such amazing features?


The Couple Plan is a hammer and the honeymoon destinations are nails, according to Sukhdeep Manocha, a newlywed from Chandigarh. “I enjoyed Goa and  Munnar in a single week with my wife. We did not experience the red tape hassles that flyers go through in normal bookings”, explains Mr Manocha. Later on, the Chandigarh couple explored the pristine and panoramic views of Dalhousie and Chandrashila.

As the validity of the plan starts from the day of the purchase, couples have to follow a few prerequisites. Flyers have to inform Alpfly about their travel seven days prior to the flight. The package will be registered in the name of the couple. Tickets won’t be issued for gazette holidays, so newlyweds should plan accordingly.

What makes the Couple Plan stand out more, are the accommodation plans Alpfly offers. Like flights, couples can choose a bulk hotel booking package as well. The Tulip Plan is a hit among couples as it provides 10 tickets of 4-star hotel accommodation for Rs 29,999. Similarly, the Lavender Plan includes bookings in 5-star hotels. The prices are inclusive of taxes and there are no hidden charges. Alpfly compliments the bridegroom’s reservation with a breakfast buffet as well.

The travel company still needs to do a lot of work as they are finding it difficult to manage the sudden explosion of customers, thanks to their attractive plans.

Alpfly will soon release another burst of attractive features that will accompany their products.

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  1. Govind Pratap says:

    This deal so cool. I wanted to gift my sister some nice weeding gift, i think this is to be best gift i can get for her .. Hey ALpfly you saved my lots of time and efforts.

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