Amrapali earns international appreciation for its Precast Project

Noida’s greatest real estate venture, Amrapali Group, has paved way for a new generation of technology. Anil Sharma, CMD, Amrapali Group, has achieved ceiling of prominence swiftly with his esteemed dedication and quality projects delivered. A new endeavor, Precast Company, of Sharma has created a huge surge in this industry.

Amrapali Precast Technology

Precast factory at Greater Noida is spread across 25 Acres of land and is going to have biggest production capacity with 50 lac sq ft per year in India emerging as Asia’s largest unit. To deliver projects within stipulated time frame, Precast produces range of products like wall panels and other structural members such as columns, beams, staircases, T-beams etc. This technology maximizes the comfort as constructed elements can be directly erected on the job site saving a lot of time and cost.

Recently, international delegation comprising of 35 members, from 20 countries visited the Precast plant to possess the overall view of its structure, components and performance. The delegation belonged to various countries like Germany, Europe, Dubai, Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Norway, Finland, Zimbabwe etc. During the visit, the delegation acknowledged the future concern of Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, in regard of labor crunch and time delays and appreciated the strategies and use of the latest technologies in production and construction, to cope with the anticipated problems at grass root level.

A delegate of China-based orgnaisation said, “We are glad to see that India is utilising all up-to date technologies and mechanism which is also giving a competition to other developing Nation. And for us, India is one.”
At the end of the visit, Amrapali management expressed their thanks to the delegation and addressed Media to field the questions pertaining to Precast technology.

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