Ashok Chaturvedi focuses on the art and science of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of food and beverage sector. It serves a major advantage and comes as the real boon for packing food and beverages.Flexible packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of food and beverage sector. It serves a major advantage and comes as the real boon for packing food and beverages. Uflex ltd., a prominent name in the packaging industry offers cutting-edge packaging solutions for food and beverages. With over three decades of unrelenting quest for perfection, the company has established benchmarks of quality and excellence in the packaging sector. Uflex ltd. values customer satisfaction above everything and strives to deliver nothing less than the best to the customers across the globe. The company keeps an unwavering focus on the aspects like: Aesthetics; Barrier Properties; Functionality; Eco friendliness; Anti-counterfeiting measures; and Cost-effectiveness.

Talking about Aesthetics, Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director of Uflex Group stated that, “For the very many years of experience in flexible packaging that we have, I am pleased to say that our clients confidently rely on our advice for designing their pack with utmost finesse. We work as partners with them to simulate the ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) experience and reason out all the pros-and-cons to craft out ‘impeccable’ aesthetics that grab the eyeballs. The bio-motive components of flexible packaging such as graphics and imagery trigger positive impact on customers’ subconscious and generate corresponding emotion and action before the conscious part of the brain kicks in. All of this happens in just a few seconds as an inextricable interplay of human psychology and consumer behavior that ultimately results in sale.”

Focusing on the aspect of Barrier properties, Mr. Chaturvedi stated that, “. Clients provide us with detailed specifications like physical properties of the pack (like resistance to tear and punching etc.); shelf life of the product to be packed, susceptibility of the product to moisture and gases; aroma intactness required and so on among others. Basis these parameters, we design the cross-section of the laminate that can offer high barrier or resistance against the non-desirable.”

Talking about the importance of Functionality in flexible packaging he stated that, “Much like the category name ‘flexible’ suggests, this genre of packaging has a whole gamut of possibilities to enhance customers’ convenience and experience. A wide range of opening treatments, fitments, and closures including linear tear characteristics, slit diaphragm membrane, reclosable zippers that do not require any tearing of the pouch header to open, and screw-on spouts for liquid pouches are just some of the functional aspects that flexible packaging brings along with it.”

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi further focused on the importance of Eco friendliness saying that, “A key trend for flexible plastic packaging is continued down-gauging as the combination of environmental pressures and high polymer prices make customers demand even thinner films. It goes only in the interest of all stakeholders to innovate and come up with high performance yet thinner films that can pave way for light weighting. The trend in food packaging films is towards high-performance film structures that are less permeable to increase shelf life and enhance flavors. Growth is occurring from the transition of items packaged in rigid containers to high quality flexible packages.”

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