National NGO organized Campaign for ‘Prevention and Control of Dengue’

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A Campaign for ‘Prevention and Control of Dengue’ was organized by the volunteers and members of National Organisation For Social Empowerment at Bhumiheen camp, nearby Kathak School in Govind Puri on 26th September 2015. The increase in the number of people affected by dengue has resulted in the hospitals grappling with shortage of beds for the patients. The volunteers of National NGO along with a team of doctors carried out free dengue checkup in the slums of Bhumiheen camp area.

A volunteer of National NGO said, “There have been several cases of people dying due to dengue and lack of proper medical treatment. It is spreading widely these days. Thus it is crucial to make people aware about the measures for the prevention and control of dengue. It feels great to be a part of such a noble cause. The campaign included all the facts and information about the causes and transmission of dengue fever, the symptoms & signs, the incubation period, diagnosis of dengue fever and the home remedies to combat it. “

According to the official spokesperson of National NGO, “The campaign by National Organisation For Social Empowerment aimed at ensuring the welfare of underprivileged and needy people. The campaign got a huge response from the people of Bhumiheen Camp. It was much needed in that area as Bhumiheen Camp is one of the most vulnerable and insecure areas in Delhi. The poor drainage system and congested narrow streets make it prone to many diseases. The dengue test being expensive cannot be afforded by the poor people who can hardly earn their living. The poor drainage system and congested narrow streets make it prone to many diseases. Therefore, our volunteers conducted free checkups for these people living in Bhumiheen camp area. We look forward to other such initiatives for the welfare of backward areas.”

About National Ngo

National NGO is a registered non profit, non government organization working extensively in the field of disability rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facilities to people suffering from such disease.

The main objective of the National Organisation for Social Empowerment is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.

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