New to Digital PR? This guide will get you started!

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Digital PR Guide

If you clicked this link, you must be wondering, what is a digital public relations (PR)? What role does it play in online marketing? Why do you need it for your business? All of this shall be discussed in this short and informative guide that will help you nail the basics.

What is PR?

Before jumping onto digital PR, let’s start with the basic definition of public relations first. According to Wikipedia, public relations (commonly abbreviated as PR) is the management of effective communication between an organization and the public, including other entities. A PR agency for an organization promotes its clients and products through verifiable and trusted sources. Yes, there are a few instances of advertising and promotion through content involved, but the PR agencies mainly use unpaid sources.

According to Public Relations Society of America, PR is “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

PR is a tool used to better, protect, and repair reputations through digital and non-digital channels. PR officers have to analyze their target organization, extract positive stories and messages followed by a smart presentation of the same into press releases or other content. If an event happens that harms an organization, the positives of the organization are used to mitigate the incoming.

Digital PR  

Digital PR is traditional PR evolved. While traditional PR focuses on print and mainstream media, digital PR uses social media and online channels. It not only aims to increase the reach of the organization online, but it keeps an eye on non-paid opportunities for link citations.


  Key differences: Traditional PR Vs Digital PR


Traditional PR
·         Uses traditional channels to spread press releases like the newspaper, television, even radio

·         Lack of content variety, press releases used primarily

·         It is difficult to track the reach of press releases

·         Journalists are reached out

Digital PR
·         Uses social media predominantly

·         Flexible content variety including infographics, tweets, and blogs

·         Reach can be tracked accurately

·         Journalists, influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media personalities are reached out  


Why Digital PR is important for you

It’s not too difficult to understand the role public relations in the corporate world. Digital PR can help improve the online market metrics. It helps you reach important websites and influencers in the market to use your content as backlinks. This increases the authority of your content in the Google algorithm, thus pushing your search engine ranking. Yes, SEO plays an important part in digital PR, but it’s more about research and strategy.

Say you’re a new e-commerce website that has found a niche in the clothing market. If a Bollywood fashionista like Sonam Kapoor stumbles on your website through a tweet or an infographic then there are chances she would share it with her followers, who are in millions. Imagine the website traffic.

Digital PR is a great branding strategy where you don’t have to spend a single dime. Along with your website traffic, the brand trust will increase too.



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