Wish to get enrolled as a global teacher? Haida International in China is the answer!

Haida Interact International Company Ltd

A lot of people want to give a new direction to their careers by working in fast-developing countries like China. Haida Interact International Company Ltd provides a great opportunity to teachers from across the globe to work in Chinese educational organizations.

The process of getting enrolled in Haida is very easy and quick. The interested candidate needs to contact Haida Interact International Company Ltd via email with name, nationality and email address mentioned in the mail.  After providing the required details to them, Haida staff will contact the candidate, and an assessment form will be forwarded by email with all the information of what to do next.

The candidate needs to clear the Haida assessment. After completing the assessment, the company will offer a government-approved TEFL course and certification to prospective teachers.It is probably the only certificate that guarantees a job on the completion of course. It is not a third party issued certificate, but a government authorized certification that carries enormous respect from schools in China. TEFL will soon become mandatory for all the teachers working in China.

Although the company is mostly looking for English Teachers, they are also hiring dance teachers, music teachers, and general science teachers. The China TEFL training will get you ready for the real Chinese life. The trainings will sharpen your teaching skills, problem-solving skills and, will enhance your knowledge. Haida keep following up with candidates; they not only accommodate them but also guide them at every point.

People are often confused over working outside the country, as they get apprehensive about the complications that come along. But Haida Interact International Company Ltd is well-known for being one of the most successful companies that is efficient at managing human resource. What are you waiting for? Contact Haida today!




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