Presidium School Organizes Shining Stars Camp: An Enriching Experience for Kids

Summer break is here. So, are you planning to engage your kids into something creative and enjoyable throughout these holidays? Then, summer camps are the best solution, where your child can get exciting opportunity to indulge in education, fun and adventure.

Summer camps offer an excellent opportunity to the kids to develop a sense of self-reliance and foster feeling of togetherness and unity. Summer camps impart practical learning to kids as it offers unique educational experience where they learn to explore their hidden talents.

After the successful response to summer camps all these years, Presidium senior secondary school has again come up with a summer camp that has an extraordinary approach and is named as “Shining Stars Camp”.

Shining stars Camp is a month long camp that gives exposure and training to children in dance, theatre, music, sports and adventure. It is a journey of self discovery that is loaded with fun and adventure.

The presidium club and academies which are managed by star makers are responsible for organizing competitions and events, as well as training students, with the help of professionals who have expertise in various fields.

Some of major attractions of the camp are – theatre, dance, adventure sports and life skills. Theatre not just helps child to learn acting but guides him to excel in other areas of life as well. It makes the child more imaginative, expressive, confident, enhances his interpersonal skills, oratory skills as well. Dance brings joy to the inner – self and it teaches to express through body movements. Those children who are passionate for dancing for them shining star is the right platform. Children can learn hip hop, contemporary, jazz funk, rock n roll, bhangra jazz and solo jive.

Children who like adventure and sports, shining star offers artificial rock climbing, flying fox, rappelling and river crossing experience. Children can participate in the sports like cricket, basket ball, table tennis and skating etc. These are not just sports activities but team building exercises for children.

The camp also sharpens life skills in children which are asset for lifetime. It discovers abilities in children and hones them further to showcase them with confidence. Life skills include personality development, training in mass communication and modeling etc.

At the end of the camp children will get the opportunity to showcase their skills and perform. The camp is thoughtfully designed to provide unique learning experience packed with fun and adventure. So, what are you waiting for send in your kids to the camp and make it memorable experience for them.



Presidium School  is a Place where teaching is not about knowledge downloads, but fostering excellence. We believe in opening the minds of pupils. We encourage them to explore within and without. We guide them to learn by doing, stressing on the all-round development of a child’s personality.


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