Enjoy Navratri Falahari mixtures by Bikano

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The nine holy nights of Navratri have arrived and with it has come a range of discounts and festive contests. The chain of Bikanervala restaurants has introduced a special range of Bikano Falahari mixtures and a wide range of Falahari meals.

bikanoDuring Navratri, Bikanervala has introduced a ‘Satvik Falahar Bhojan’ specially meant for the ones who are fasting. The restaurant has introduced a wide range of 20 items as ‘Vrat ka bhojan’. From Falahari Deluxe Thali, Falahari Paneer Tikka, Falahari Lachha Tokri to Falahari Aloo Masala Chaat and Falahari Kabab Platter, Bikanervala has made Navratri nothing less than a feast. It has also introduced a special range of Falahari namkeens and wafers by Bikano.

The spokesperson for Bikanervala said, “Navratri is the festival for goddess Durga devotees. We have introduced a special category of ‘Vrat ka Bhojan’ for the ones who fast during the nine nights of navratri. Bikanervala holds a secular mindset and we respect each culture and every festivity with equal reverence. We have a wide range of items for the ones who are fasting and as is required, we make sure that all our recipes strictly adhere to the ingredients allowed during fasting, not using wheat and other such grains.”

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4 thoughts on “Enjoy Navratri Falahari mixtures by Bikano”

  1. Shivam says:

    Happy navratris to all.best wishes to Bikano as i always believe in their genuinity.No negative to say about Bikano. Always serves fresh and ‘Shuddh’ falahari mixture in navratri days, no doubt in fidelity.

  2. Himanshu says:

    I am a regular customer of Bikano in navratras as I love their fasting food stuffs. Very kind to their reliable service. Highly recommend to all.

  3. Akhilesh says:

    Happy Navratas to all friends as well as Bikano.had tried falahari mixture from bikano really loved it.

  4. Neeraj says:

    Bikano always introduces new product for fasting peoples in Navratris with tasteful colours..Thanku bikano..!

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