Guddu Rangeela is not based on Manoj and Babli case: Subhash Kapoor clarified

Director of comic satires Phas Gaye Re Obama and Jolly LLB, Subhash Kapoor denied if Guddu Rangeela is based on Manoj-Babli honour killing case which became a National News a while ago.

Guddu Rangeela is certainly a movie based on honour killing but rumors are flying in the air that Manoj and Babli’s case is the plot of it. The director clarified that the movie is based in Haryana that is why the incident has been included to work as a backdrop of the movie, so calling it totally based upon it, would be wrong.

Subhash Kapoor told the media, “While writing, I wasn’t sure what was it that I want to deal with in the film. I wanted to set the story in Haryana as I knew their humour, jokes and their orchestra. Eventually, I started toying with the idea of setting up the critical scenarios in the backdrop of the film”.

He also mentioned that he took his journalist friend’s help to look deep within the matter which shook the whole nation back in 2007 when it took place.

The movie depicts the scenario in Haryana by showing khap panchayat and honour killing to some extent with the help of impeccable star cast including Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh, Aditi Rao Haydari and Ronit Roy, playing the characters of Rangeela, Guddu, Baby and Billu Pahalwan respectively.

“I started working on Guddu Rangeela four years ago. It gets very important for me to have the actor in my mind while writing the script as it makes my work easy. Arshad was the first one to come into my mind,” the director turned lyricist said, as he also composed Mata ka email, a song in this movie which is being praised a lot.


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