Female gender in India still scorned upon: Relief India Trust

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Even after 67 years of democracy, it is a disappointment that the female gender is yet to achieve its freedom. The society is still majorly patriarchal, where the women are oppressed against. The harrowing tale of this gender starts from even before the birth f a girl. And the biggest reason for this disparity is rooted in Indian ancestry. Turn the pages of history and abuses and oppression against women are vehemently visible. The hypocrisy of Indians is aptly reflected in the fact that on one hand, we revere women as goddess, and on the other, treat her no better than a rag doll. Various NGO including Relief India Trust have been trying to spread awareness in the society and help safeguarding the rights of women in India.

Female gender in India still scorned upon: Relief India Trust

Female gender in India still scorned upon: Relief India Trust

One of the female volunteer for Relief India Trust says, “ It is shameful how women are treated in our country. Starting from the poorest and extending to the richest of Indian families, women are still looked down at. How can we expect to grow into a superpower when we do not know how to respect our women? People still do not want a girl child. Female fetus is often found lying in the garbage. People still think a girl child is a burden.”

As per latest facts collected, the grimness of the situation is easily understood. 1 out of 4 girls is sexually abused at least once before she reaches an age of 4. Every sixth girl child is killed just after she is born. More than 53% of girls in India are illiterate and are subjected to derogatory works like begging, working and even prostitution. These facts are enough to highlight the darkness that befalls upon the girls in India.

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