Sanjay Dalmia Calls Fraudulent Prophets As A Big Threat To The Indian Democracy

The controversy over the self-proclaimed Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahimand his throng of followers condemning the law has once again brought the clout of fake Babas in the spotlight. In an interview recently, business tycoon Mr. Sanjay Dalmia discussed that how we can differentiate between a fraudulent Baba and a truly evolved Guru? He calls fraudulent prophets as a big threat to the Indian democracy. And what is forcing their devotees to obsessively follow these godmen, when common sense should direct them to do the exact opposite?

Mr Sanjay Dalmia said, “The ‘spiritual saints’ who claim to teach people morality and religion start exploiting their devotees.  This is an alarming trend and is a threat to our society. Also, it’s not happening for the first time in India.”

One should not have blind faith in spiritual saints unless they follow the norm of ‘simple living’ in the absence of luxuries. This is not only confined to the Hindu religion. Unfortunately this is the case with all the religions

Also, there has been numerable cases where the self-proclaimed ‘babas’ and ‘saints’ have been exploiting their devotees. The blind faith of these devotees is traded as vote banks, private congregations, donors of blood, labour, body organs, etc.  It is their stock of power which empowers these Godmen, and helps them attain an overstated image.

“The spiritual saints of India maintain social control over their followers. These followers are then used for electoral politics, serving as vote-banks for political parties,” Mr Dalmia further added.

All the political parties try to overexert each other in persuading the spiritual saints and their deras. The deras issue an order asking people to vote according to their devotion rather than their ethics.

Industrialist Sanjay Dalmia went on to say that the vulnerable devotees pour praise, power and wealth on their professed Babas, helping them set up ‘lavish ashrams’ in the name of uplifting consciousness.  The pious offerings of devotees are used for Baba’s personal spending and not for the welfare of the society and devotees.

This tradition seems to have transformed into a money-making business, with godmen exploiting the weak points of institutions like family, religion and society to their benefit, and offering instant miracles and quick fix solutions to heal the dissensions caused by modern life.

“Devotees themselves can bring this situation under the semblance of law if they properly check the background of spiritual saints rather than following them blindly.  The only way to curb this threat to society is by withdrawing the support to such god-men and god-women, dismantling their dangerous empires,” Mr Dalmia concluded.

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