FTIL reposes full faith in judiciary

FTIL is facing turbulent times, and its MD and CEO, Prashant Desai, recently has chosen to speak up about the rough patch that his company has been undergoing for some time now. Desai clarifies that the claims held by the Economics Offences Wing (EOW) against FTIL are baseless and biased.
FTIL is charged on non-subjective matters, while the EOW lack evidence because there is no money trail leading up to promoters or board of FTIL. In spite of all the unfair handling, the company has cooperated with all the investigation agencies.

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Mr. Prashant Desai

FTIL’s senior management believes that there is no end to the blame-game.To find out the real defaulters, the company has been working in cohesion with the judiciary, investigative agencies and the law in the country. Further, if in due course, FTIL is proved to be guilty, the company is ready to face any legal actions as directed by the judiciary. However, truth is unveiled; the media is requested to disregard any falsified statement against the management.
Dewang Neralla, Whole-Time Director, FTIL, mentioned, “FTIL, along with other government agencies, has been consistently supporting National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) in recovering the monies of the investors from the 24 Defaulters. We rest our faith in the Indian Judicial system and firmly believe that justice will be done to all concerned”.
FTIL is a company that is driven on morals, ethics and concern for every associated person. With investor’s support and trust, the company has achieved various laurels of excellence in its journey yet strives to accomplish more. The Group has always abided by the legal system of the country and will carry forward the legacy in future.

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