FTIL upholds confidence in judiciary

Hoping for the fair course of justice from the court of law, FTIL CEO and MD, Prashant Desai expressed how his company has so far cooperated with the investigating officers. He stated that FTIL management has never shied away from any query of the EOW or other governing bodies;the company has always been available for investigations.

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FTIL is facing various baseless charges;the investigating team has failed to produce any evidence that would prove the company guilty.  Still, FTIL assures to abide by the law and offers to go by the law book as and when required. The assistance provided by the company will not only help to get at the root of the matter but will also ensure that truth prevails.

Speaking of FTIL’s plight, Prashant Desai also mentioned, “I am saying despite all this action, we have taken a view that we will still respect judiciary, we will still respect investigations, we will still respect every land of law in this country, we will continue to be cooperative with every single investigative agency, whatever information they want, even after three years, we will provide them despite whatever happens with us, we will continue to be a respectable citizen of this country.”

Contribution of the FTIL Group to the economy of India is tremendous. It is responsible for ‘Make in India’ technology, establishment of various stock exchanges in India and beyond, Technology Solutions in terms of Exchange, Brokerage, Messaging, Connectivity and Consulting. Various projects, such as the JS Innovation Lab are in the pipeline that would support the government’s vision of ‘Innovate India’ and ‘Skill India’ or ‘Startup India’ and ‘Digital India’. Amidst all such developments, the FTIL Board reinforces that if in the future, if the company is held liable for any misconductFTIL shall accept every direction of the judiciary.

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