Haldiram Offered Special Navratri Fafe

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Haldiram Navratri Thali

Haldiram Navratri Special fast thali  that is offered at Hot Spot and select Planet food outlets.It consists of a feast that even those who are observing strict Navratri fast can imbibe without fear of ‘breaking’ their fast.And those who are not fasting will also enjoy for the change in taste it offers.
Duggal takes care that each and every ingredient of every dish, whether it is a spice or a condiment, is something that is allowed during fasts. Also it is filling without being heavy and healthy too.There are puris and parathas made from Kuttu ( singhada) and rajgira.There are aloo and paneer preparations made without haldi and red chillies using cashew nuts for curry.
There is cucumber mint raita and raw papaya salad.Today, we were offered a thali that hadRajgira puris, aloo sabzi, pumpkin sabzi and korma made of paneer and Makhana with a base of cashew nut paste. There was also sabudana khichdi, sabudana papad, wada, bhagar kheer and Bengali mithai all forming part of the ‘thali’. The menu keeps changing, with sometime bhagar pulao replacing sabudana khichdi and other sabzis.The menu that sees new offerings every day, priced at the same rate as normal thali – Rs. 195/ only.Haldiram is a brand in itself.The btand is known for their elaborate vegetarian food and street food which also happens to be economical.
You can have Street Food, Fast Food, North Indian, South Indian, Desserts and Chinese food items at Haldiram.The quality of food is awesome and falvourful. Haldiram is accepted to serve the best Raj Kachori in Delhi-NCR.You can also try their traditional Indian snacks: Pav Bhaji, Chaat and Chole Bhature.

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4 thoughts on “Haldiram Offered Special Navratri Fafe”

  1. shruti vardhan says:

    they make every navratri very special by brining unique variety of dishes. It’s a good eating point in navratri specially for fast observers.

  2. harsh kumar says:

    it’s a must visit place for everyone. Even the people who are not on fast can also taste their unique meals specialy meant for navratri.

  3. sanjay bhatia says:

    special navratri thali only in rs 195. its not very expensive. Their raj kachori is very delicious and awesome. I would like to give them 4.5/5 ratings.

  4. raghu rajan says:

    they have unique variety of sweets prepared in pure ghee. Can say the best store for sweets. They have sweets for all occasion and festivals. I always prefer haldiram when it comes to purchase of sweets.

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