Haldirams beats McDonald’s and Domino’s combined revenue

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Haldirams is among India’s most trusted brands and widely known manufacturer of Indian sweets and snacks. The company has manufacturing plants in Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner and various retail chain stores. The products are exported to various countries worldwide.

With the years of genuine service, Haldirams has established quality standards in their field. It has surpassed various renowned brands with its wide range of quality products. According to a survey, Haldiram’s revenue for 2013-2014 (Rs. 3,500 crore) was more than McDonald’s (Rs. 1,390 crore) and Domino’s (Rs. 1,733 crore) combined. Great tasting food, Standardized taste across all outlets and a high level of hygiene are the hallmarks of Haldiram’s. The company started as a small shop at Bikaner in 1937 and has achieved tremendous success over the years. It forayed into Delhi in 1982 and has expanded its variety of food and beverages offered.

Haldirams has over 100 products ranging from namkeens, sweets, sherbets, minute khana, papads, pani puri, bhel puri, chips, boletos,taktak, whoopies and royal temptations. Haldirams Nagpur has diversified its areas of operation covering different sectors like-  there’s Haldirams Manufacturing in North India, Haldiram’s Foods, which caters to West and South India and Haldirams Bhujiawala in East India. Due to the positive reviews of its products, the company is not looking forward to bring any innovative changes any time soon. They want to maintain their tried and tested age-old recipes for the future generations. The success of the company and its products is attributed to its effective and efficient backstage operations. The food items are manufactured in-house under proper supervision by family-led teams.



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8 thoughts on “Haldirams beats McDonald’s and Domino’s combined revenue”

  1. Sunil Sharma says:

    very true,Haldirams is among India’s most trusted brands and it is popular in Indian desserts and snacks.We all should trust on this brand becoz this is the part of “taste of tradition”

  2. harsh Gupta says:

    pure,fresh sweets and substantial assortment. Different things and decisions are additionally great and the cost of items are attainable anybody could purchase things from that point. Exceptionally mainstream brand Haldiram truly cherish it.

  3. raheem sulemaan says:

    nice article as it has rightly mentioned the fact that haldiram has surpassed various other brands like Domino’s and Mcdonald’s with its wide range of quality products.

  4. deepkshika mehra says:

    The variety of products that are been offered by Haldiram is recommendable and worth the praise.They always amaze their customers with the high quality of their products.Haldiram is really one of the reowned name in the field of food industry.

  5. sandy hussian says:

    I love to visit haldiram with my friends.Recently it was my friends birthday and we went to haldiram and I must say that the services,the food items and above all the the food was really worth the praise.

  6. suraj sinha says:

    This article has also mentioned the fact that the foods items are manufactured in-house under proper supervision by family-led teams.And they follow their tested old age reciepes which makes Haldiram a most realiable name in the field of food industry.

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