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Following is an interview with Naturopath Urvashi Gandhi. As more and more people are moving towards alternative medicine these days, the team of Press Room interviewed Dr. Urvashi with an aim to understand the field better.

Tell us about your journey into Alternative Medicines.

I belong to a family where Ayurveda has always had a special significance. My grandfather, great Ayurvedacharya and author, Dr. Harkishandas Gandhi, wrote several books on the subject in his lifetime. He has been my reason and greatest inspiration to undertake the path of naturopathy. I am working as a Naturopath at Naturopathy Hospital in Mumbai. I also write blogs and articles for my website, twitter and facebook pages. Through these portals, I can spread the message of health awareness and people often consult me through mails and messages.

How would Dr. Urvashi Gandhi define ‘health’?

Health is not only about being free of any illnesses but is also about an emotional state of mind. Health pervades both the physical and emotional state. So it is about being confident, optimistic and above all happy. Personally speaking, there’s nothing more healthy than a happy state of mind.

How do you define your fitness mantra?

As I am an ardent believer of balance in life, I do whatever makes me happy in a healthy. I usually try to eat as healthy as I can, mostly going for organic foods, experimenting with vegetarian and raw foods but I also indulge in treats every sometime. I am never very restricted about my approach and I live everything to the fullest. Daily exercise and Yoga is also a way of keeping my fitness on track.

If I had to take a much needed health break to regenerate and start afresh, which place would you recommend?

Any place that makes you feel at peace with yourself, which has less population and where you can have plenty of time to yourself. Amidst the beauty of Mother Nature is the place to be. My personal favorites are beaches so I would recommend Goa or Bali, for meditating and doing yoga by the seas.

Three tips to obtain better health?

Yoga, healthy diet and a positive attitude

Who is your greatest health inspiration?

My grandfather, Ayurvedacharya and author, Dr. Harkishandas Gandhi

Do you have any weaknesses in the food department?

Yes, of course. Who does not! Cakes, cakes and cup cakes!

Where do you see yourself five years down the lane?

I want to continue doing what I am doing right now. Meeting and inspiring people to the path of naturopathy. Who knows, just like my grandfather, I may have compiled my knowledge into a book which I would like to author (laughs).



Urvashi Gandhi hold a Doctorate in Alternative Medicines (H.M.D). I did my Masters in Applied Psychology from Mumbai University. Currently working at Naturopathy Hospital in Mumbai, I aim at enlightening people about health and wellness through mind-body connection and the benefits of spiritual growth.


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