Quick Response from doctors at Panacea hospital helped rejoin amputated arms

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Presence of mind, timely transportation and quick response from doctors saved a man from becoming a handicap for the rest of his life. Chetan, an eighteen year old youngster working in a printing press in Bangalore had his arms amputated while working at the paper cutting machine. This accident could have changed his life for worse had it not been for his colleagues and doctors at Panacea Hospital. Immediately after the accident, Chetan’s friends displayed sheer presence of mind by preserving the amputated arms in a plastic bag and carry them to the doctors at Panacea. The doctors conducted the surgery just in time to restore functionality in the rejoined limbs. The surgery went on for 4.5 hours where Dr. Vasudev K, orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Priyadarshan, consultant Plastic and Micro Vascular surgeon rejoined the arms which had been cut from wrist above.

“One-third of Chetan’s lower arms were crushed. What has made the case rare is that both hands were amputated at the same level. Usually, it takes two teams to perform the surgery, one on each arm and the surgery takes no less than seven or eight hours. But in this case, with a single team, we managed to complete the surgery in four and a half hours.” said Dr Vasudev K. As per the doctors, Chetan’s arms would work at least up to 90% of their full capacity as he is young.

We have been successful in rejoining both the amputated arms after an emergency surgery spanning over several hours. Though the patient has a long way to go before both hands could become fully functional like earlier, the signs are encouraging,” said Dr.Jayanna, Managing Director, Panacea Hospital. Chetan had lost a lot of blood and was in a state of shock. So the doctors had to transfuse 5 ltrs of blood before conducting the surgery.

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