Hinduja Brothers secure second position in UK rich list’16

With the net worth of 13 billion pounds, the Hinduja Brothers accomplished the next place after Mumbai-born tycoons David and Simon Reuben in ‘The Sunday Times’ Rich List 2016. It is another jewel in India’s crown as the rich list is ruled by Indians with Reuben and Hinduja managed to take hold of top slots. Perhaps, due to steel industry crisis UK’s most affluent constituency suffered a lot of fortune damage.


However it is even recollected basis that Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja, who are leading the Hinduja Group with their overpowering experience held the same rank in last year’s census, also to which a leading newspaper in London disclosed, “The old War Office in London’s Whitehall was bought for 300 million pounds by the Hinduja family in March on a 250- year lease. They plan to turn it into a hotel worth 1 billion.”

The maintenance of same wealth is exemplary as global industry crisis has made many influential people in Britain lose major part of their fortune such as Lakshmi N Mittal empire faced a hit nearly three quarters of his riches while Arcelor Mittal chief slipped from 27.7 billion pounds (in 2008) to 7.12 billion this year majorly due to collapsing stock markets, down – falling oil prices and steel industry backdrops.

The journey of Hinduja Brothers of blossoming up from their roots has been remarkable as they together started the business in different dimensions across the continents and now stand at the plethora of billions with their consorted efforts and dedication. The business implicates all sorts from Banking to Philanthropic activities which originally started with Merchant Banking and Trade. Their integrality of actions has bestowed them with various laurels of appreciation by virtue of excellence, wisdom and unity.

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2 thoughts on “Hinduja Brothers secure second position in UK rich list’16”

  1. Sunitha Malhotra says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Hinduja Group. It is making the whole country proud. I wish them luck for their future endeavors.

  2. Sonam says:

    That’s a great achievement by Hinduja Group which holds a mirror to their overall excellence and proficiency. I congratulate them for their success.

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