IIMT Studies starts a new branch in Dubai with an aim to promote higher education



International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Ahemdabad, has started a branch in the popular business hub, Dubai. As a part of its expansion process, the new branch would allow people in Dubai to pursue higher education with relative ease.

Dr. Sara Al Mutawa, working with general directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs -Dubai is the Consultant of IIMT Studies, India.

Manoj Thakkar, institution head, IIMT Studies, said, “With our new branch in Dubai, we hope to help the people pursue the courses of their choice without leaving their jobs. In a country like Dubai, this will be of great benefit to the people. With the world moving towards digital platforms of communication, online courses are of great help and convenience.”

He also said, “This has been done in order to promote higher education among people in Dubai. This will be very helpful to the Indians living in Dubai as they will be able to pursue higher education alongside their job.”

An e-learning portal has also been launched by IIMT Studies. This portal is helpful for working professionals and allows them an access to study material anytime. This allows them to study at their will. More than 1000 students are making use of the portal across seven countries in the world.

An official spokesperson for IIMT Studies said, “Management and engineering courses of IIMT Studies are quite popular among students as these are the streams that offer most of the jobs in the work field. Distance learning has over a period of time established a strong hold among working professionals. More number of people are opting for such courses as this allows them to pursue multiple courses simultaneously without forcing them to give up on their job.”

IIMT Studies was established with the aim of developing E-learning for youngsters, looking at the broad scenario of online learning in the world. The institute has chased a great benchmark achieving the international enrolments from various countries and aiming to establish 45 service branches globally in next two years.

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4 thoughts on “IIMT Studies starts a new branch in Dubai with an aim to promote higher education”

  1. neeraj goyal says:

    Being a iimt’s student, I am very happy to see the progress of iimt and I heartily congratulate the head manoj thakkar of iimt.

  2. raghav meena says:

    In India, IIMT is the best institute in regards to distance education and e-learning. This is a very good news for the students planning to study abroad along with working. I think no one can play the role of iimt in the field of distance education and e-learning.

  3. ashish sapra says:

    I have successfully completed my distance MBA from iimt ahmedabad. I wish the whole staff of IIMT best of luck for fulfilling their aim of establishing 45 service branches globally.

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