Canada needs young, skilled population, says Immigration Survey

Canada needs young, skilled population, says WWICS

Canada needs young, skilled population, says WWICS

Canada has become one of the most sought countries of the world when it comes to relocation. What’s more is that the country needs a young population with requisite education and skills. WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) Pvt. Ltd. is providing immigration consultancy services to Canada with a very promising success rate and a fast track process.Being one of the most vibrant economies of the world, Canada is the top destinations for skilled workers and professionals with most occupations in demand and fast track processing. Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Programs are the key programs to getting permanent residency of Canada in 6-12 months. All occupations are in demand and the qualifying criteria are also relaxed, says WWICS.

Applicants can also apply under the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program streams. Many provinces have their own PNP linked Express Entry Programs that offer advantages like additional 600 points in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for PNP nomination, no job offer requirement, all occupations in demand, fast track visa processing, high visa success rate and maximized chances of getting Invitation to Apply (ITA) with provincial nomination.

Skilled worker program at a glance :
The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is another fast track program for getting permanent residency of Canada. The province is on the lookout for professionals in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Accounting, Translation, GNM Nurses, Banking and Financial Operations. There are other occupations also that are in demand in Quebec but the above-mentioned fields are areas of training that will earn the applicants more points.

The golden opportunity to apply is now as there are many occupations in demand offering lucrative salaries to the deserving applicants. Apply now and give wings to your dreams of making a living in Canada. No complications, high visa success rate, fast track processing are just some of the many benefits enjoyed by applicants taking help of WWICS, said the company.

Some Interesting fact about Canada:

If you are a die hard fan of pop music and jazz music, then you have a big reason to be grateful to Canadians for many of your favorite pop-stars and film actors were born in this white snowy nation like Bryan Adams, Justin Beiber and Avril Lavigne, imagine for a while how boring contemporary music would be without these musicians! Talking about fun times, let us not forget to think about Samuel Bronfman who founded the distillery. Getting to more serious matters, do you know that the famous architects David Ewart and John M. Lyle were also from Canada.



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