Indians are Shining Worldwide, says Business maven Sanjay Dalmia

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The Chairman of Dalmia Group, Mr Sanjay Dalmia delivered a special lecture at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura, on September 6. The session was organized by the institute’s Department of Electronics and Communications.

Executive Vice President of Sharda Group Mr. Pradeep Mahtha, Executive Director of the college Prof V K Sharma and Director Dr. Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay were among the dignitaries present at the special lecture.

Guest lecturer Mr Sanjay Dalmia had a vivid interaction with the students. He talked about a variety of topics, ranging from Indian economy and students’ life after having completed their education. The GHCL Chairman encouraged the students for their future and said that Indians are shining worldwide.

“Be it the health services in Britain, or the software industry and NASA in the USA, fellow Indians are everywhere. It makes me proud when I see how Indian students are emerging to be experts in every field – from IT sector to rocket science,” said Mr Sanjay Dalmia Group.

Talking about the economic development in India, Mr Sanjay Dalmia said, “Development is possible only if we raise the minimum income of the farmers. Also, it is important that we rely upon India’s internal resources for fulfilling all our economic needs. This would generate more employment as the need for importing goods and services would gradually diminish.”

Mr Dalmia also praised the Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘Make in India’. He said, “It is a superb initiative taken by our government to generate employment in the country and creating a strong, stable economy.”

The business ace also reflected upon the issue of brain drain during his interaction with the students of Hindustan College of Science and Technology. “Usually our students receive basic education in India. Then they fly abroad for further education and find jobs there. The resources we invest upon our students end up benefitting the countries they eventually settle in,” he said.

Mr Sanjay Dalmia further added, “Initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ will create more job opportunities in the country. This will make people from other countries look forward to come and work in India, instead of our people going abroad for jobs.”

The students were motivated by their interaction with Mr Dalmia. “Listening to him (Mr Sanjay Dalmia) was a privilege. He is an exceptional speaker. He is an inspiration to me, and to everyone else who thinks that they only have the next 20 or 30 years to achieve something in life. I will always remember what he taught us today,” said a student after attending the special lecture.


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  • Areena Gupta

    Inspirational thoughts of Mr. Sanjay Dalmia.

  • Govind Pratap

    Such an inspiring personality…Completely agree with all what Sanjay Dalmia said.

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