It could be a Red Alert in North India: Greenpeace

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On December 10, 2015, the Greenpeace India mentioned, if India had an air quality monitoring system as strict as the neighboring country’s busiest city, Beijing, a huge part of North India would have been on a red alert for more than 30 days between September and November. Greenpeace India is a unit of Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The official statement from the NGO states, “As per data obtained from India’s National Air Quality Index (NAQI) website, in 91 days between September and November, Delhi met the Chinese criteria for a red alert on 33 days, and Lucknow for no less than 40 days.”

In the statement, the NGO showed its concerns that it’s not only Delhi and Lucknow which are facing the lash of pollution, rather numerous North Indian cities are going through this situation where they are facing similar pollution related problems.

The Global Campaigner of Greenpeace East Asia, Lauri Myllyvirta said, “Beijing just issued its first formal red alert, entailing very strict measures to curtail pollution emissions from factories, vehicles, construction and other activities, as well as closing down schools to protect pupils. These measures certainly helped mitigate the impacts of the episode over the past couple of days.”

Greenpeace India mentioned that India can easily adopt a firm and time bound target, or many, for Regional and National action plans which may contribute in enhancing the current condition of the Nation and the significant region. The NGO suggested that India can learn from China’s instance and take advantage of that situation which will eventually help India in taking multiple steps towards achieving National Air Quality Standards.

Greenpeace India campaigner, Sunil Dahiya said, “The government’s own data suggests that the air quality in several north Indian cities is worse than the air in Beijing, and yet we remain tentative in recognising this ‘Airpocalypse’ as a pollution disaster.”

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