Rajesh Adani: The Journey from Ahmedabad to Adani Group

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Rajesh AdaniThere are scores of stories how children inherit their parent’s wealth, but only a few are highlighted, where the offspring make a modest start but raise leading global companies. A look at the path that Rajesh Adani has paved will reveal that the challenges were as perceptible as the achievements. In fact, it prevailed in equal proportions too.

Childhood of Rajesh Adani

Rajesh Adani was born in a Gujarati Jain family to Shantilal and Shantaben Adani, who lived in Ahmedabad. The Adani scion possesses unique leadership skills; he doesn’t go for conventional autocratic and transformational approaches, which make him an inspirational leader today.

Career with Adani Group

Rajesh Adani, after pursuing Bachelor’s of Commerce (B. Com) from Gujarat University, joined the Adani Group. It is one of India’s leading conglomerates, with businesses in industry verticals – resources, logistics and energy. At present, he is serving as the Managing Director of the Adani Group, and is also responsible for developing and maintaining its global business relationships.

The business mogul is known for his positive approach towards handling the business operations, and a competitive spirit which has taken the organization to great heights. In 2011, Rajesh Adani was honored with the ‘National Power Conservation Award’, a top recognition in the field of power generation, by the Indian Ministry of Power.

Career Timeline: Rajesh Adani

He served as the Managing Director of Adani Power Maharashtra Limited until March 1, 2011. Currently, Rajesh Adani serves as the Chairman of the Board of Adani Chemicals Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited. He has been the Director of Adani Power Ltd since June 12, 2007.

He has been a Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited since May 26, 1998. The Adani Group MD spearheads the operations of Adani Wilmar Limited as a Director. He also served as a Director of Adani Power Maharashtra Limited, until March 1, 2011. Furthermore, the business magnate served as the Director of Adani Power Rajasthan Limited until March 1, 2011.

Adani Group is the largest importer and supplier of coal, and owns mining and development rights for 130-million tonne coal mining in the country. The Group also owns the coal mining rights in Indonesia and Australia. Rajesh Adani, along with his conscientious team, envisions managing 200 million tons of coal in the coming years.

In collaboration with Wilmar, the group has forayed in the agri-sector with its edible oil brand, Fortune. It has been ranked as the largest selling branded oil in India. At present, the Adani Group runs the biggest single-point edible oil refinery at Mundra. In addition, it also boasts of India’s largest edible oil refining capacity of over 2.2 MMTPA.

The group is incessantly working on its objective of becoming the largest power generator across the world. Currently, it executes six coal-fired power projects across India.

Adani Group has also joined hands with Saab, a Swedish defense firm, to manufacture Gripen fighter jets in India. If you ask Rajesh Adani to divulge his secret to success, he might give a modest answer, as he is a doer, and not a talker.

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11 thoughts on “Rajesh Adani: The Journey from Ahmedabad to Adani Group”

  1. Rashima says:

    It is really interesting to know how a person can manage so many responsibilities of such a big corporation.

  2. Karan kumar says:

    I never realized that Rajesh adani was honored with such a prestige “National power conservation award”. That’s appreciable.

  3. Roopali sharma says:

    Rajesh is an inspirational person. His life story maps what he executes.

  4. Shailesh pal says:

    I was unaware of the fact that fortune oil is product of Adani group.

  5. Ankita says:

    I am very fond of reading inspirational stories. I got to know that Adani group is one of the top five conglomerate companies in India (as per Wikipedia). Reading this inspirational story of managing director, Rajesh Adani is a proof that he had played significant role to make this company reach under top 5 companies.

  6. Parthaukherjee says:

    You the Rajesh Adani is the genius & talented personnel of India

  7. Suresh says:

    One thing is very interesting, all gujrati people are born businessman whether the person is Rajesh ADANI or Anil Ambani.

  8. Radhika says:

    Yes, Adani group is India’s top notch company but Rajesh Adani has played such an important role in this company success. I don’t know that. Despite the fact Rajesh Adani is brother of Gautam Adani, I guess, He played his part well. That’s motivating.

  9. Raveena says:

    That’s really surprising to know that how a single person is managing the responsibility of such a big corporation. I can say Rajesh Adani struggled for running Adani Group.

  10. Deepansha Verma says:

    Adani group is doing great in renewable enrgy and I think Rajesh Adani has major input in it. I thinks so as he has experience of working in Adani Powers. His achievment of receiving ‘National Power Conservation Award’ is also very big honour.

  11. Shubham sinha says:

    We all know Adani’s business is world wide distributed and Gautam Adani and Rajesh Adani are surely responsible for such a growth. Rajesh Adani journey is quite inspiring, I think he is a true leader for the youth of this country.

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