All you need to know about the Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme

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Kalyan Jewelers, a brand name trusted by many, is amongst the top-most jewelers in the country. With a legacy of 109 years in business, it was started in pre-independent India with the beliefs of ethical, honest and transparent business practices.

Venturing into the business of jewelry retailing in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, Kalyan has now 122 showrooms spread across India and Gulf Cooperation Council.

Understanding the local markets and the sentiment for gold, Kalyan has been producing an array of traditional and modern designs according to the people’s preferences. Looking at the broader picture, the retailer has also brought in some innovative plans and ideas to bring a revolution in the gold market.

Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme is one such idea implemented by the retailer. Taking forward the legacy of their forefathers, the owners want the market to be transparent and accessible to all. One of the many campaigns that Kalyan has brought out in the favour of its customers, the scheme allows them to purchase gold by paying advance installments from Rs 500 to Rs 40,000 per month.

kalyan jewellers gold scheme

What is the scheme and how it works

A flexible scheme, Kalyan allows its customers to join at any given time. With no registration fees, It is a simple plan that can be availed by anyone for their benefit.

  • Enrollment in the scheme can be easily done by either walking into a Kalyan Jewelers store or applying for the scheme online.
  • The maximum duration of the scheme is 1 year. The only method to close the scheme is by purchasing an ornament
  • The scheme asks people to choose the size, length and weight of the product at the time of enrollment
  • The Kalyan Jewelers EMI offer allows the enrolled customers to change or re-confirm their selection in the 8th month
  • Once the 365 days tenure is over and you choose not to buy the selected product, you can walk into the nearest Kalyan Jewelers store and buy any product at the price and VA displayed at the store
  • The installments must be paid every 30 days
  • The value of the monthly installment in the gold booking scheme ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 40,000 depending upon your selection of the product at the beginning of the scheme
  • For the customers who wish to purchase the scheme online, extra delivery charges are levied upon
  • Sales tax and any other taxes will also have to be paid by the customers
  • If the ornament you selected varies in weight by 10 per cent, you will be eligible to pay the extra money
  • Gold card holders will not be given any points for enrolling in the scheme



In order to avail the maximum benefits from the Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme, the rules need to be followed strictly.

  • Making a payment on time is important. If a person fails to make a payment within the given time frame, the making charges are increased by 0.25 per cent as penalty
  • If you wish to close the scheme before completing it, Kalyan Jewelers allows you to buy any product from their store without any discounts
  • If the ornament is not collected within 20 days after the completion of the scheme, the sale is booked by the jeweler and the ornament is kept aside for you
  • For people who fail to pay the last installment, the scheme is cancelled and the money is returned via a demand draft to the registered address
  • No cash refunds are allowed and any disputes are under the jurisdiction of the court at Thrissur, Kerala


Documents Required

To enroll and avail the benefits, following are the documents needed

  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

kalyan jewellers gold scheme

Benefits of Kalyan Jewellers gold scheme

  • The scheme can be availed by anyone as the basic amount for the same starts at Rs 500 per month.
  • The process is easy and simple to follow.
  • For people who wish to buy gold for their children or marriages, the scheme is fruitful.
  • There is no load to spend a hefty amount all at once.

kalyan jewellers gold scheme

With scheme like these and more, Kalyan has been giving innumerable offers ever since its inception. Keeping the market transparent, the company is making sure to provide people the best of gold ornaments. This and many other gold schemes by Kalyan Jewelers are increasing the company’s wingspan, and it is soon going to venture into new markets across India, GCC, USA, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

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5 thoughts on “All you need to know about the Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme”

  1. Rudra says:

    Wow, I was thinking of purchasing Gold but not aware of these type of Gold Schemes. I would like to know more about God schemes by other Jewelers to compare it with Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme. Thank you for this detailed article on Gold Schemes in India.

  2. Dheeraj says:

    I have used this Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme. From my experience I can say that Kalyan Jewellers is a trusted barand and their customer service is very good. Other Gold schemes of brand such as Tanishq and Malabar are also good. But I personally find Kalyan Jewelers gold scheme better.

  3. Hema Kumari says:

    Yes, With my own experience I can say Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme is a very good opportunity for those who want to buy gold but do not want to burden themselves. These kind of Gold Scheme helps in investing in Gold at small installments.

  4. Gauri Khan says:

    Being a Kalyan Jewellers Customer I can say that they give priority to customer satisfaction. Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme is also one of the best scheme who want to buy gold with small investment.

  5. Ruchi says:

    Kalyan jewellers Gold scheme is not as good as compared to other Gold schemes available in market. Though I am a loyal customer of Kalyan Jewellers. My complete family used to buy gold jewellery from Kalyan itself. But in my opinion the customers should compare the features of other schemes also with Kalyan Jewellers gold scheme.

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