Amit Rathi got Red Carded but fans hopes still

Amit Rathi Managing Director

Amit Rathi

Numerous sports are being promoted in India, from modern to traditional, i.e. Formula One to Pro Kabaddi League. These events are giving a number of opportunities to budding sports stars, who need to showcase their talent on the appropriate platform. Now look at Bengaluru Bulls’ Raid Specialist Amit Rathi, who is the emerging star of Pro Kabaddi League but need to bear some rules and regulations in mind to avoid consequences like getting a red card.
The man recently got a red card while playing against Telugu Titans, which adds one more to his collection of cards, although one was yellow but a card is a card. The card was given for a high kick that the man shined during a Bengaluru Bulls-Telugu Titans match at Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore. Amit Rathi, in his early twenties, lunged forward in an attempt to lodge an ankle hold on the hosts’ raider Amit Rathi. The raider then started crawling back to the mid-line, with Rahul Chaudhari still clinging onto his feet.
Yet as Rathi closed in on the line, he attempted to wriggle free of the defender and thrust himself to his own half. Coincidentally, just as Chaudhari let go of the raider in what he deemed was a lost cause, he received a swift kick to the face from Rathi. Consequently, Rathi received the first ever red card in the history of the PKL.
The owner of the Bulls Uday Sinh Wala asserted the move was an accident and did not warrant the card. He mentioned that raiders always struggle and jerk to break free of defenders. It just so happened that Amit Rathi was trying to push himself forward the same moment Rahul let go. He immediately put his hand up to apologise as well, and Rahul acknowledged it and seemed to be willing to get on with the game.
Incidentally, Titans coach Srinivas Reddy too received a red card in the same game for showing dissent during the game. Both Reddy and Rathi also get a one-match ban.
Whatever happened, happened but Amit Rathi shares his experience with his fans who believe that the man contributed his part to bringing his team at its current position.


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  1. anishwarpa says:

    This Amit Rathi has the amazing plying skills he is one of the best player in pro-Kabaddi

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