Best Pharmaceutical Clinical Packaging Company, APAC 2015: Bilcare GCS


Bilcare GCS is proud to receive the APAC 2015 Award for being the best Pharmaceutical Clinical Packaging Company of the year.

After exporting the quality Clinical Trials Material (CTM) to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for a whole year, hard work of Bilcare GCS finally paid off during APAC Insider Business Awards 2015.

The foremost pharmaceutical clinical packaging company, Bilcare GCS is globally renowned for its impeccable operation in the industry and it has research and operation offices across Germany, India, Italy, Singapore and USA. In order to make sure that its quality products and services are available to the world, Bilcare GCS has established more than 20 representative offices across the globe.

The APAC 2015 awards coordinator, Naomi Douglas said: “With these awards, we pay tribute to the outstanding firms and individuals whose professionalism and dedication to their work have made the corporate industry in the APAC region what it is today. I am truly honoured to put the spotlight on the incredible work done by our winners.”

CEO of Bilcare GCS, Mr. Ajit Dubashi was delighted to receive the award and expressed his happiness by saying, “In Clinical Trial Material Services (CTMS), we have been pioneer in the Asiapac region, this recognition is testimony to our client appreciation, and quality standards with which we are able to service them on-time-every-time, critical to this business.”

Dr. Abhigyan Upadhyay, who is the COO of Bilcare GCS, was proud while receiving the award. He is optimistic regarding the growth of Bilcare GCS and he expressed the hopes he has from the pharmaceutical industry, by saying, “Last year, Bilcare GCS received Certificate of GMP Compliance of Manufacturer from National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, (PIC/S) enabling  to service our client in 44 countries, including Asiapac region. This international recognition for the region is only going to bolster our endeavour towards better client service”

With clear advantage of quality, compliance and cost, integrated offerings of Bilcare GCS are providing Primary packaging of solid, semi-solid, liquid, DEA (CI-V) dosage formulations, Secondary packaging of all pharmaceutical formulations, biotech clinical trial materials, Labeling, IVRS, Comparator procurement and ancillary supplies,  CTM mfg and formulation development (by contract manufacturing), returns and destruction, QP services and Regulatory support. analytical services and clinical supplies packaging and labeling to IVRS, QP services, controlled-temperature (cold chain) CTM storage, worldwide distribution and returns and destructions accountability.


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