Dr. K Rosaiah inaugurated Trimex Group owned Srikurman Mineral Sands project

Srikurmam Mineral Sands project of Trimex Group was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr K Rosaiah on June 26th. Srikurmam Mineral Sands project is an integrated complex established for the mining, separation and refining of beach sand minerals and to produce several heavy minerals. Trimex Group is a leading specialist of value chain provider for heavy across the globe.

Srikurmam complex is state-of-the-art extraction and processing unit which is strategically designed while considering the environmentally sustainable technologies. The project is located at Vatchavalasa Village near Srikakulam town in Andhra Pradesh. Srikurmam is one of the greatest and well recognised producers of heavy minerals in Asia. This unit is responsible for extracting 200,000 tonne of ilmenite; 6,000 tonne of Zircon; 60,000 tonne of Garnet; 50,000 tonne fo Sillimanite and 6,000 tonne of Rutlile every year.

The products are used in the manufacture of paints, ceramics, abrasives, insulation, cosmetics, paper, leather, glass products, artificial gems, aircraft parts, artificial human joints, and filtration media, among others.

The company has acquired the mining lease for 7.2 square kilometers in the coastline of Srikakulam for 30 years from the date of the lease award, renewable for another 30 years.

The investment of Rs 250 crore in the first phase will be followed by Rs 4000 crore investments in multiple phases, until FY2017-18, for the expansion of extraction areas, increase of processing capacity, technology upgradation, and research and development of high value and premium products.

Dr K Rosaiah said, “Srikurmam will play a pivotal role in helping to meet the demand for high quality heavy minerals in the supply-deficit global market. I congratulate Trimex for being extremely serious about of its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The integration of environment sustainability and transparent involvement of all stakeholders makes Srikurmam a role model for sustainable socio- economic development not just for our state but for the rest of India as well.”

Trimex Group Chairman Prasad Koneru said that the project has already generated significant opportunities in the region. “The Srikurmam project demonstrates that environmental sustainability, land conservation, and fast economic growth can coexist. We believe that the Trimex group has established an important enviro-economic precedent for mineral extraction projects. I am confident this project will make a sustainable economic and social contribution to the region,” Prasad Koneru said.

Trimex Group Executive Director Pradeep Koneru said that the Srikurmam project is an important  milestone for the group and the minerals extraction industry.


Founded in 1985 in the UAE , the Trimex Group was launched to fill the demand supply gap for quality industrial minerals to the oil drilling industry. The organization has since grown into a leading minerals and metals conglomerate with interests in all areas of the minerals supply chain, from mining and logistics to processing and research & development.


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