Financial Technologies (FTIL) : Innovation in Electronic Asset Management

It was back in 1988, when Financial Technologies India Ltd (FTIL) started off by developing IP (Intellectual Property) technology products that connected various financial markets. Under the perseverance of its Founder, Jignesh Shah, FTIL created products that served across asset classes including equities, commodities, currencies and bonds.


Propped by Jignesh Shah’s vision, FTIL emerged as the creator of electronic, organized and regulated financial markets for new asset and investor classes that were economically unviable to be served by traditional markets. The company is a global leader in creating and operating technology-centric, futuristic financial markets.

In 2008, FTIL struck a deal in Bourse Africa to acquire a 60% stake to set up a spot exchange in commodities, currencies, bonds and diamonds. The deal was given a “go-ahead” by the Botswana government, and has offered FTIL the license to conduct business and trade in derivatives.

Bourse Africa will serve African and international commodity market, with an aim to provide a platform for hedging, arbitrage and investment. The venture set up a hub and spoke model that aimed to connect all the major countries in Africa.

At present, Financial Technologies offers multiple solutions to its clients: exchange, brokerage, messaging, consulting and risk. It boasts of a network of five exchanges and two ecosystem ventures. FTIL is the only company to set up six exchanges connecting fast-growing economies of Africa, Middle East, India and South East Asia.


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  • ruchibhalla

    FTIL seems like a commendable initiative taken by Jignesh Shah. I didn’t know much about it a while back but heard the name of FTIL in news. I must say that I am quite impressed with the founder.

  • Krish

    It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to expand an Indian market across the globe and Financial Technologies had to take a number of international government’s approval to establish their business in foreign lands, that’s another challenge in itself.

  • vishnuSahay

    The company has established benchmarks of success with its achievements. The founder seems to be quite quick-witted and mindful with his moves.

  • Snadeepupd

    The achievements of the companies are praiseworthy and exemplary. Way to go Mr. Jignesh Shah.

  • rohan mathur

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this company lately. The pace at which it is expanding is commendable.

  • Jaibhandari

    Great achievements. Seems like the company will emerge as one of the leading conglomerates in the upcoming years.

  • Anshika

    Jignesh Shah’s vision, FTIL seems to be flourishing. FTIL is serving its clients well by offering multiple solutions.

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