Haldiram’s launched app for easy buying experience


Haldiram’s Food International Limited launched its app on Google app store on October 18th , 2015, which is an offering of Shoptimize India Pvt.Ltd. The app got installed on more than 500 android devices since the date with 3.8 stars.
The menu of this app gives the variety of Namkeen, Sweets, biscuit, drinks, ready to eat items and festive packs to the user choose from. The user can apply filters according to price range, type of item and others. Just like any other shopping app, you can either add the item to your cart or buy it instantly.
The 9.6 mbs on your mobile device would be utilised well, with Haldiram’s 1.0.3 version app which is compatible for each android version after 4.0. The selected item, which you will open to view, will give you all the details of the product including its price, ingredients, and availability at your nearest store.
Haldiram’s is a star export organization which is globally renowned for its huge variety of Indian Sweets and Snacks. 1937 was the year of establishment for Haldiram’s which started in a small town, Bikaner. The base shifted to Nagpur in the year 1970 with the dream to expand further. And that dream is still getting fulfilled as Haldiram’s is gradually taking over the Indian snacks and sweets market with retail chain stores and restaurants in Nagpur and National Capital Region, Delhi.
The Haldiram’s is an international member of many organisations which approved the snacks and sweets leader’s quality products.


29 thoughts on “Haldiram’s launched app for easy buying experience”

  1. Sujata says:

    Really very good app and very helpful .One day i was hungry and i came to know about this app and i ordered ,Seriously i was relly enjoyed.

  2. Chitra says:

    That’s good news. This way I can order anything from my phone and get instantly without stepping out. It’s quite an interesting initiative on part of Haldiram’s. It will definitely ease the buying experience for the customer, just like me. Thanks Haldiram’s.

  3. sumita arora says:

    Fantastic news for me now it’s very easy to place order through haldirams app. Thank you haldirams.

  4. Vikas manocha says:

    Well know name now this name connected with advance technology as they have launched its app on the Google app store now I am using this app and I feel more comfortable because I can place my order through an app only.. its really interesting.

  5. Ravinder jain says:

    This app is really very helpful for me and my family now every time I order through this app it’s really very easy to use .I would like to give 4.5 stars for this app .

  6. Jatin kapoor says:

    Happy to know that Haldirams has launched an app itself. Great job done by haldiram as sometimes we left to opting Haldiram due to heavy rush at its outlet at every point of time. Now it being very easy to eat haldiram foods at home. Impressive .

  7. Sandhya says:

    Haldiram’s 1.0.3 version app is compatible for each android versions and this app is very helpful for me I can order through this app it’s so simple.

  8. vishnu chauhan says:

    Nice app very useful. It’s working awesome.

  9. Smriti rawat says:

    Outstanding food app got this app through my friend, the look of this app is very beautiful n user friendly, very happy to using this app of haldirams.

  10. himani sachdeva says:

    App launched by haldirams is really nice and working well without hanging problems we can place our order easily and Haldiram’s 1.0.3 version app is much better because this version is working in any android . Last time I placed a huge order through this app and they provided me discount I am very happy to with their offers too.

  11. Manas says:

    It’s a great news for every Haldiram food lovers that they have launched and app for ordering your favorate food from them. I am really happy with this now I can order anything from my favourate Haldiram and that too at my comfort place.

  12. aagney says:

    Now I can show my mother that what all ingredients are available in sweets of market and Haldiram’s products are no different from home made sweets and snacks.

  13. Aakash says:

    I have installed this app in my Adroid phone and I am amazed to see the service of this app it’s so easy to use and your order will be at your door step on time which is the best part of this app.

  14. Omesh says:

    True, this app takes only 9.6 mb of your phone memeory and works very smoothly. This app has given you filter option too so that you can search your favourate item according to your price range, type of item and others. I just love this app and really want to thank Haldiram for making this app.its really very interesting and very easy to use.

  15. Nandish says:

    Haldiram has become a such a huge brand now that every person is a fan of their products. You can never doubt on the quality of their products. Since 1937 they are providing us amazing food and till now they are working so hard to make their customers happy with their impeccable services.

  16. chetan kashyap says:

    Now ordering food and sweet from haldiram is so easy. Thanks for this.

  17. sonu singh says:

    Haldiram has made its space in everybody’s heart. They have maintained their tradition and quality for many years. Thay have earned his name in internation market also, their sweets and snacks is exporting to many countries like sri lanka, UK, USA, and many more countries. Good work haldiram and team.its a big achievement of them.

  18. rashid khan says:

    App idea is good, now its is very easy to check varieties of sweets and food and making an online order from your home. This app also helps haldiram to grow their business conveniently.

  19. abhi tanwar says:

    A very user friendly app, nice cool app…!!

  20. vivek shukla says:

    Thanks for this app. It helped me alot in my sister wedding to purchase and deliver sweets and snacks for guest.

  21. anugya says:

    Nice ambiance, good taste. it was one of the best for vegetarian food. We had parathas from there. It was really very tasty.

  22. tarun says:

    Overall, the food is tasty. This is a nice and very neat & clean place. The ambiance is good.

  23. Malay says:

    Haldirams is a good place to eat,I ate at this place twice in the same day and found it a great place if you are Ok with veg food and are in a hurry. The staff is also very courteous and the ambience is good for both family and office.

  24. sujeet kumar says:

    Well known name Haldiram’s is a renowned name in India, especially in Delhi and Nagpur where Haldiram’s Delhi outlets and Haldiram’s Nagpur outlets are common sight to the eyes of locals of these regions along with the restaurants run by Haldiram’s over here. I am a regular customer of haldirams delhi their foods are just delicious…

  25. anchal says:

    I like the fact that Haldiram’s is located in most of the malls of Delhi NCR. The food is the same in all the outlets and you can always go with them for a quick bite. I have been here many times for a snack or the thali. Really a nice place.

  26. chandni says:

    It’s a good thing that as the app got installed in so many android phones they have got 3.5 rating which is a great start. The response which they are getting is commendable.

  27. harpreet says:

    I am using this app since it was launched because I am a huge fan of Haldiram food and I want that I can have their food at home as well. This app is really easy to use and I takes only 9.6 mb space in your mobile which is very small space I think.

  28. vikas says:

    It’s a good thing that as the app got installed in so many android phones they have got 3.5 rating which is a great start. The response which they are getting is commendable.

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