Huge revenue consolidated by Uflex ltd.

Uflex Ltd. has achieved 20% growth in the net profit for Q2 FY 2015-16. The net profit has increased from Rs. 65 crores last year to Rs. 78 crores this year. The company has recorded total revenue of Rs. 1535 crores for the quarter period ending on 30th September 2015. It was Rs. 1655 crores in the last financial year during the same period. There has been 19% growth in the net profit rate of the first half of the financial year 2015-16. It has increased from Rs. 129 crores to Rs. 154 crores this year. It is another benchmark of success and innovation in flexible packaging industry establish by Uflex Ltd. In the financial period from 1st April 2015 to 30th September 2015, Uflex ltd consolidated total revenue of Rs. 3140 crores which was Rs. 3201 crore during the same period in the financial year 2014-15.

At the Board meeting for declaration of the Q2 results, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director of Uflex Group said, “Uflex has its roots in India and is proud to further Government’s mission of, ‘Make in India’. With the new Aseptic Packaging Plant for packing liquid products that will go operational in the first half of 2017 at Sanand – Gujarat, we will complete the entire bouquet of product offering which at present spans across solids, semi solids, pastes, gels, viscous fluids, powders and granular materials. The fact that Uflex has become ‘A part of your daily life’ is gratification of sorts. Thank you for making us what we are today. We will continue to delight you with the most innovative flexible packaging solutions to the best of your advantage. The year ahead looks promising and your Company expects to scale greater heights.”

About Uflex Ltd.

UFLEX Ltd. is India’s largest and fastest-growing flexible packaging company with large capacities of plastic film and packaging products which provide end-to-end flexible packaging solutions. The company has presence in over  140 countries across the world with plastic film manufacturing facilities in India, Dubai, Mexico, Egypt, Poland and Kentucky, U.S. and packaging products facilities at multiple locations in India.


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