Indian Railways to expand varieties beyond BTW, Haldirams and more

In order to provide a wide assortment of food and meals to the passengers travelling in Indian Railways, the Railway authorities recently introduced the concept of ‘ready-to-eat food items in the Mails and Express trains. The passengers of Indian Railways are already enjoying the quality food provided by BTW, Dominos, Food Panda, Haldirams and KFC.
A senior Railway Official said, “While an e-catering service has been introduced on selective trains and stations, passengers now also have the option of ordering pre-cooked food.”
He further added, “Guidelines for ready to eat meals have been issued to all zones wherein Mail/Express trains that have pantry cars have been asked to serve pre-cooked food as an ‘add-on’ option under the a-la-carte category.”
He also mentioned that there are provisions for the imposition of penalties in case of deficiencies in service, along with ensuring that good quality and hygienic food is served to the passengers. For that matter, a helpline number at 138 has also been started for passengers to lodge complaints or provide suggestions regarding the food and catering services.
An official spokesperson from Haldirams expressed her thoughts on the matter, in which she said, “You feel good when you know that your client will be having more varieties to quench their temptation to have good food. And the new helpline that has been launched for suggestions, will definitely help us to improve and know what something new or different our customers want from us.”
North Western Railway, the nodal railway nominated to select reputed ready-to-eat companies, has empanelled four firms — Gitwako Farms, BTW India, Gits Food Products and Aryan Food Products to provide the pre-cooked meals.
The e-catering service is available on 1,350 trains at present that do not have pantry cars and also at 45 stations across the country.


10 thoughts on “Indian Railways to expand varieties beyond BTW, Haldirams and more”

  1. Pooja says:

    Great job,no doubt haldirams is the most trusty brand and yes every person should trust on this brand .

  2. Sujata says:

    great,haldirams always offer sumthing special for us ,as if holi,diwali on every occasion.

  3. sushpriya mehra says:

    This article is so true, we have lots of trains which provide the service to serve ready to eat food products from haldiram and all etc.. I have experienced these in the superfast trains several times.

  4. Ishan kumar says:

    I was travelled in the train after a long time of nearly about after 12 years, i enjoyed a lot in the train and the best thing is that the train is having the facility of getting ready to eat food products like haldiram’s snacks and all. This article is so true about the interconnection of haldiram and indian railways.

  5. krishna sharma says:

    I was travelling in the train and I must say that the facilities that has been started by the Indian railways of providing various food iteams of the haldiram,BTW and more brands is really amazing.

  6. raheem sulemaan says:

    I mostly have to travel to mumbai and chandigarh from my home as I have attand the clients for my business purpose. And my most traveling is through train and plains. In trains the facillity of snacks and foods by the haldiram are to much intrested and quality services.

  7. vinay mittal says:

    I am very much satisfied by the services of the haldiram in the trains during my journey. I have to travel to the long distyances for my clients dealing purpose and fixing the meeting with them.

  8. prasoon mehra says:

    My last journey in train was superb as now haldiram is started seeling their products in the train.

  9. avdeshcratauri says:

    Previously the catering was not so intresting side of the train as they were only serves the things which was predecided. But after haldiram introduction in the train, it was so good to have the stuffs of our choice.

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