Jignesh Shah- “Innovation isn’t regarded in this country”

Jignesh Shah is the master of innovation, and his achievements and zeal to excel hold a mirror to that. He turned his ways from being an electrical engineer to now the pioneer of Indian capital markets. JS Innovation Labs are the proof to his innovation; he came up with the setting up of this production solely for new innovative ideas to be introduced by him through the use of technology.

Jignesh Shah, FTIL

Mr. Jignesh Shah

Other than that Jignesh Shah established FTIL in 1988 and brought it to a successful pedestal. He used to work in Bombay Stock Exchange, attaining experience about the stock market and how everything goes around in it. FTIL group has overall three business divisions which are spread across various foreign continents such as Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia.

The whole case of NSEL has impacted Jignesh Shah’s career in a wholesome manner. After 49 years of hard work, he was at the peak of his successful career. They have got him in for the case whose strong evidence is still not found. He was felicitated with various awards including, Young Entrepreneur award in 2006, Gurjar Ratna award in 2007 given by the ministry of commerce and industry and Global SME Summit ITC India Award in 2007, among many more.
After Mumbai police filed a charge sheet against Jignesh Shah, he still is focusing on how to get the funds back of his investors rather than getting out of the whole crisis. Another of his contribution to nation’s growth is the idea of MCX-SX which is India’s leading trading platform. Massey who is the current managing director of FTIL has been supporting Jignesh Shah since the beginning and hasn’t left his side by then.
According to Jignesh Shah India isn’t yet ready for a whole another innovative idea and hence he failed to apply it.


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