NSEL to launch new E-Silver

MUMBAI: After the successful launch of E-gold, NSEL has launched their second E-series product E-Silver. The product is built to assist the mass investors to promote their investment. NSEL has big hopes form E-Silver as they are making it available in just 100 grams which will persuade millions of investors to invest their small share of savings in it. The affordable pricing policy and its easy access throughout the country is the USP of the product.

Whether it’s a small investor from a place like Sikkim or big one from Mumbai, the product is available at the same price to everyone.

NSEl, Jignesh Shah

E-Silver, therefore, treats all its users impartially offering same services to all. It will be delivered to investors physically and is stored in the safety vaults provided by NSEL Exchange platform. Jignesh Shah is the innovator of this exchange platform. Shah made a revolutionary change in how exchange platform works with his innovative ideas.

The price check by investors is completely transparent. As the trading denomination of the product is 100 grams of the total value of Rs. 2,800, the product provides more opportunities to the lower strata of investors.

E-Gold, when launched, had a huge impact on its investors within one month. E-silver is planned to be traded from Monday to Friday, and the timings will be from 10 AM to 11:30 PM.

Anjani Sinha, the Managing Director of the firm, said that for the sake of investors and their savings NSEL has launched E-gold and E-silver to make the trade more simple, easily accessible, transparent, cost effective, tradable and affordable. It’s an ultimate value-for-money product.

With numerous economic meltdowns, investors were looking for more ways for their parking funds.

E-series by NSEL has offered them the perfect product.


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