PACL receives strong support from its investors

Amidst all the troubles brewing up against PACL, the company is slowly, but gradually, finding light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of directives from SEBI and CBI, the investors of the company are standing by it. They have a strong belief that a company that has always maintained great levels of transparency and has always stayed genuine all along is just trapped in a legal confusion and soon will resume its functioning. One of the investors said, “There must be some legal confusion. PACL has been a good company all along. I have received all my payments on time and not for once there was any delay to that. I still remember being asked by the management to feel free and visit their offices as many times as I need to. A company that has been maintaining such high levels of transparency cannot dupe the investors. “

“I hope PACL is given more time to make the payments. I have been associated with this company for many years and have complete faith in their working. Whatever SEBI is accusing them of must be some mix-up. The profits I earned through my investment here have been of great help to me. They helped me come out of a financial crisis. Just 90 days are too little. And if they get an extension, I am sure the investors would also get more interest on the invested amount. There are around 5 crore investors with PACL. An extended time limit is a must if the agencies want to safeguard the interest of the investors. I invested in PACL only after Jaipur High Court’s verdict that PACL is not CIS, where is my fault in this?”,said another investor in PACL.

About PACL Limited

PACL Limited is a real estate development company with multi-dimensional portfolio ranging from commercial to retail and residential segments. The company is also engaged in sale and purchase of agricultural land and supported with huge land bank. Understand the need of fast changing world Pearls has come up with customized residential and commercial complexes, keeping in mind stringent quality policy and international standard infrastructure practices. The company is involved in number of prestigious projects all over India.


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