Rajesh Exports – On a skyward journey

raheja-exportSuccessful are not the ones who dream of it all day, but the ones who dream of it, work towards achieving it and do not rest until they have got what they set out for in first place. Rajesh Exports’ success story is a clear reflection of this paradigm. Started as a small time jewellery supplying company, Rajesh Exports, under the esteemed aegis of Chairman Mr. Rajesh Mehta has flourished splendidly. Since its inception, the company has been following a trajectory that has led it to unparalleled heights.

Rajesh Export’s net profit in its fourth quarter reached Rs 205 crore, a three- fold increase. The company which was started with a capital of 1200 saw its turnover touching Rs. 50000 crores in FY 14-15.

Imperishable determination and hard work were a few of the virtues that Rajesh Mehta had inherited as a legacy. From purchasing silver jewellery in Chennai to selling it in Gujarat, Rajesh Mehta and his company have come a long way. Much to be credited for this accomplishment is a vision that was magnanimous and diversified since the beginning. It is this enthralling vision that is transcending Rajesh Exports to a new apex.

With a view to establish a foothold in the global market, Rajesh Exports has planned to create its subsidiaries. This will render the company a much profitable business expansion.  Also, the company has recently created another benchmark by bagging an export order for designer jewellery and medallions worth 1152 crore from AL Malek, UAE. These factors have largely contributed in making Rajesh Exports Limited a company that is growing exponentially and globally.


Rajesh Export Ltd’s (REL) objective is to establish itself firmly as a leader in the global jewellery market by manufacturing and marketing the finest quality jewellery to consumers across the world. To achieve this objective REL will put in all required efforts and consequently emerge as a global leader in the field of jewellery.


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  • Sourav Mishra

    Rajesh Exports India, a great company run by great person Mr. Rajesh Mehta. Company always creates very big benchmark every year in jewellery Market, And This time it is very very big. The company which has started with a very little has achieved a huge milestone. Just like, My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high. Well i certainly want to meet this person and want to learn a lot in business field. #RajeshExports

  • Ravi Talreja

    Sir, really your are a great person i pray that you achieve more and more success in your life

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