Saving language means saving culture : Jignesh Shah

Jignesh Shah, chairman of the FT Foundation, in order to promote Gujarati language or poems organized an event. A language won’t get perished as long as people speak it almost every day, said by Mr. Shah. In this event many prominent authors and mainly regional poets were present. The focus was basically on Gujarati poems. According to Jignesh Shah, literature is also an important aspect of our daily life. Engineers, doctors, and business persons aren’t the only worthy professions. Artists are much more relevant in this society as anyone can expect or imagine. To support this statement, he said that poets with their words can either change the world for good or could destroy it completely.

FTIL,Financial Technologies,Mr. Jignesh Shah

Dr. Suresh Dalal, Roopal Shah and Jignesh Shah inaugurating the programme

One of the poets in this event, Suresh Dalal when asked about his poetic inspiration, answered that he finds it in his everyday life. There’s not a school for learning poetry; it comes naturally from within. And, also gave two incident examples to prove his point. From the audience, one man uttered his grief that his young children always speak in English which has lessened the amount of Gujarati language use in their household.  As a solution, Dalal told them always to reply to their kids in Gujarati, so that they’ll always be aware of your language.

Concluding the whole event Jignesh Shah said that he himself is a businessman, but doing something good for his people is also his responsibility, and thus this event was organized. At the end of his speech he also said that the event was remarkable, and it was necessary to talk about Gujarati literature. Revolutionary ideas for a good cause are the whole purpose of FT foundation, said Jignesh Shah.

Later in the event, Jignesh and Roopal Shah honored ‘Chitralekha’ group which is also a Gujarati magazine brand. Maulik Kotak the founder of this magazine, with his mother, both, were awarded memento by Jignesh Shah in the event. To end the event Manish Shah director of FT foundation outlined his vision on the topic.


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