SISL led by Akash Nangia powers PM Modi’s ‘MyGov’ initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be taking democracy to its maximal potential as the new initiative called ‘MyGov’ has been launched in the country. The Modi-led government is actively trying to make India a super power and a global economy. PM Modi’s incessant efforts have made the world look up to India. The initiative MyGov is opening up a new means of communication between the government and the people, taking democracy to an altogether different level. India being the largest democracy of the world, this novel initiative is sure to add much credit to this claim.

An innovative platform, MyGov aims at increasing citizens’ engagement in decision making by the Government so as to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘Good Governance’ in India. MyGov provides for citizens and well-wishers from across the world to share their views on key issues directly with the Prime Minister of India. SISL InfoTech, a pioneer in providing IT solutions, under the aegis of its founder Akash Nangia is an ardent contributor in making this initiative a success. SISL InfoTech is playing a key role in providing the necessary infrastructure to strengthen this initiative.

” MyGov as an initiative is a step of paramount significance towards building a better India. This glorious purpose intensifies the need towards creation of a platform that allows for active participation of citizens in the decision making process. SISL’s involvement with this project has largely allowed us to streamline our operations. Their assistance in setting up the infrastructure for MyGov has reduced our technical overheads, thus making the entire process more efficacious.” says Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO, MyGov.

This virtual platform involves various themes and issue based discussions and allows people to put forth their views and ideas pertaining to the solution of a problem. This constructive forum then allows people to deliberate and delve further on such issues and ideas to encompass a wide horizon towards problem solving. This is aimed at building a solid camaraderie between the people and the Government.

Akash Nangia opines,” MyGov has its focus on strengthening the basics of governance largely by incorporating the people’s opinion. SISL InfoTech takes great pride in being associated with such an innovative platform. We have dedicated a special team of experts for the same.”He is hopeful that by taking the right steps in right direction, PM Modi’s aim of good governance is not a farfetched dream.


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