How Smart packaging Attributes Real Value Addition to your Product

Zedpack Smart Packaging

With the increasing role of technology and steps taken to transform everything smart, product packaging has evolved in a big way. A known name in smart packaging, Zedpack believes that packaging done the right way lets you win half the sales battle.

Smart packaging brings in the “me factor”, that builds a relationship between your brand and your customer. It is all about designing your package, keeping in mind what could keep the relationship between the product and the customer going beyond the after-sales service. Moreover, brands are increasingly turning to packaging upgrades to capture the heart and mind of the consumer in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

New solutions are now being set-off, using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that enables adding a tag or sensor, which can trigger actions. With the change in the way people shop and a widespread use of cellular technology, smart packaging now offers the best solutions that link the physical and the digital world. This helps consumers check the product information and compare prices on their cellular devices.

Smart packaging is divided into two major categories:

  • Active Packaging

Active packaging deals with the food and perishable products to provide control over quality

  • Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent packaging is designed to communicate with consumer, shipper, and manufacturer

Benefits of Active Packaging

  • Expiry dates are longer
  • Better product presence
  • Increase of product rotation times
  • Easy product transportation to further places
  • Food wastes are reduced

 Benefits of Intelligent Packaging

  • It helps both supply and procurement organizations to improve their quality
  • It tracks shipping in progress and follows where things come from and go to
  • Using the RFID technology, warehousing and inventory management process are effectively managed
  • Helps to make accurate plans and enables decision-making

Zedpack smart packaging has enabled the sellers to gain a new insight into the customer’s habit. Understanding these habits and interests in the real-time opens a new world of opportunities to provide more valuable service.

Also, the shopping carts equipped with the RFID tag and touch technology are being tested. As shoppers progress around the store, they could be inclined with useful information and products that are close by. There are multiple innovative solutions that are being dreamed up by clever marketers to revive old brands and launch new ones. It totally depends on how to use technology for the maximum output.














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