Stora Enso declared Group-wide HR Assessments with DIHR’s support

Stora Enso pronounced its Group-wide Human Rights Assessments’ outcomes in a late report. That report was prepared with the support of Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR). Stora Enso is one of those organizations which have freely given an account of group-wide human rights’ discoveries including every possible sector. These divisions are production units, SCM, wood supply operations and relations between neighborhood communities.

Complete 43 human rights issues were evaluated in this report including group effects, controls and workers’ rights for suppliers and business accomplices crosswise over 93 units in 22 foreign lands. This assessment secured joint ventures Veracel and Montes del Plata in Brazil and Uruguay, respectively. It additionally included Pakistan based value accounted venture Bulleh Shah Packaging.

CEO of Stora Enso, Henrik Sundström said, “This was a new endeavor for us and we have our partners especially the Danish Institute for Human Rights – to thank for guiding us. Going forward, we will engage with stakeholders in reviewing the results and planning actions. Launching the human rights action plans in 2015 will be a top priority for us. We see this report as a baseline, and will agree on ambitious but realistic milestones based on detailed analyses of what needs to be done to make a real change. The way we see it, transparency increases accountability.”

Similarly, Human Rights & development Director at Danish Institute for Human Rights, Allan Lerberg Jørgensen said, “The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require companies to understand how they might cause or contribute to adverse impacts on human rights. Having this knowledge is a prerequisite for being a sustainable company. With this report, Stora Enso demonstrates the kind of corporate leadership needed to realize that journey. Very few companies have undertaken human rights due diligence on this scale.”

The real discoveries of the report have a wide zone of concerns. It incorporates continuation to actualize the Supplier Code of Conduct; development policies and strategies on security administration; enhancing methodology on ecological and social impact assessments, Occupational Health and Safety at a few entities and over time practices at few units along with entry-level wages; checking of work states of third-party in-premise staff; advancing differing qualities administration; fortifying grievance mechanisms, systems and direction on protecting the confidentiality of employees and supporting- encouraging combined bargaining.

The fundamental issue highlighted in this report was to guarantee that every single human right impacts are considered in accountable SCM.


Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper on global markets. Our customers include packaging, joinery and construction industries as well as publishers, printing houses and paper merchants. Our aim is to replace non-renewable materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on wood and other renewable materials. Our focus is on fibre-based packaging, plantation-based pulp, innovations in biomaterials, and sustainable building solutions.


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