The Billionaire Tag Never Mattered to FTIL’s Jignesh Shah

jignesh shah tycoon,FTIL’s Jignesh Shah, jignesh shah, FTIL


Making over a billion dollars before turning 40 is a rare achievement. Most people would take an early retirement at this stage. But Jignesh Shah, the Founder of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), isn’t one to sit content with his laurels.

jignesh shah tycoon,FTIL’s Jignesh Shah, jignesh shah, FTIL

With Financial Technologies, FTIL’s Jignesh Shah made a name for himself. But he sees it as more than just a business. After completing engineering, FTIL’s Jignesh Shah worked with the Bombay Stock Exchange for a while. However, he always wanted to explore new opportunities.He came up with the setting up of this production solely for new innovative ideas to be introduced by him through the use of technology.

With his excellent entrepreneurship skills, Jignesh Shah and his FT Group set up the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Today, it’s one of the biggest commodity exchanges in the world.

jignesh shah tycoon,FTIL’s Jignesh Shah, jignesh shah, FTIL

Under Jignesh Shah’s leadership, the FT Group and the companies it promotes, scaled unimaginable heights. This would not have been possible if the billionaire founder had stepped back and relaxedPerhaps it’s not always about money for businessmen, certainly not for Jignesh Shah. Jignesh Shah founded FTIL in 1995, with a clear goal of transforming financial markets in India. This man wanted India to dominate the world of commodity exchange and to be fair, he did it.


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