VWP World Brands recognizes Bilcare as Admired 100 Brands & Leaders of Asia 2014-15

Bilcare is one of the Admired 100 Brands & Leaders of Asia 2014-15, according to the VWP World Brands. The selection process of the 100 chosen companies that were recognized was undertaken by Ernst and Young. The Asian Brand Conclave in New Delhi launched the Admired 100 Asia which was attended by luminaries of marketing, advertising, corporate leaders from different industries and backgrounds, CEO’s, Asian entrepreneurs, VIP’s and other dignitaries.

Bilcare is renowned research and technology leader known for its impeccable quality standards. Their vision is to excel in their field as they state: “We are firmly committed to helping our clients accomplish their business goals while protecting their brands against counterfeiting”

Admired 100 Asia is a research-based listing on 100 brands across different categories. An industry research across a total of 25 categories in Asia was conducted on an initial list of 2,000 brands and shortlisted to 100.
Admired 100 Asia features the journey of brands and leaders from the Asian continent involving the regions of South East Asia, GCC Nations and the Indian Sub-Continent. It details a total of 100 Admired brands across various categories.  Admired 100 Asia is a research based listing of these selected brands and leaders from different countries of Asian continent, it bolsters a brand’s position, and value adds prominence and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Admired 100 Asia, an initiative of VWP World Brands, research by White Page International, is world’s largest multi format platform of branding. It is an international independent platform on branding that recognizes and pays tribute by rewarding and reinforcing the remarkable stories of the admired brands & leaders from Asia, which has been captured in form of a coffee table book, a dedicated portal, and feature on one of the leading business channels in India.


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