Eurokids Mumbai Celebrated Grandparent’s Day

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Eurokids Mumbai celebrated Grandparent’s day 2015 with all childrens.Grandpas and Grandmas of all the students were invited to the function held at the Eurokids Mumbai pre-School ,Mumbai. The programme started with the self-introduction of all the grand parents present there, which was followed by a light refreshment. The programme consisted of various interesting games, in which all grandparents participated. There were some touching moments where the elderly guests shared their views.Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, though it is often indirect. Most of their significance to children is seen through the support and help they give to their parents. Grandparents are often seen as “stress buffers,” family ” “roots,” “arbitrators,” and “supporters.” Research suggests that children find unique acceptance in their relationships with grandparents, which benefits them emotionally and mentally.

Grandparents can be a major support during family disruptions. Sometimes they’re playmates for their grandchildren. They’re very often role models and mentors for younger generations. They are also historians teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage, and passing on family traditions.Eurokids Mumbai provides pre-school education and also publishes children book.


8 thoughts on “Eurokids Mumbai Celebrated Grandparent’s Day”

  1. Siju Mathew says:

    I like this post.Great job Eurokids,Seriously eurokids is world best preschool.It’s not only about pre-school but also all the familiar occasions ,which are eurokids always celebrates with childrens family.

  2. rihansh says:

    This school has very good teaching Staff. My son is very happy. I am satisfied and it feels safe. This is the best.

  3. PriyankaTripathi says:

    I agree both of you guys.I am also thankful to eurokids because my child is going to eurokids pre-school ,mumbai and she is very happy and yes we can say eurokids is the world best pre-school.

  4. anugya tiwari says:

    We really love euro kids school. Every teacher is very helpful. So far I haven’t any complaint about this school. They have gone out of their way to help and accommodate my boy with his special needs. They have been open and approachable in all things, and his teachers have always been happy to see me in PTM.

  5. Harleen says:

    your students have any grandparents still living or not, and no matter how
    old your students are, Grandparent’s Day should always be celebrated as a
    reminder of the many wonderful things they did or still do for us.Eurokids
    Mumbai has done a great job.

  6. vishesh kumar says:

    Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day each year.
    The holiday provides a wonderful opportunity to honor the special
    relationship between grandparents and their
    children.Eurokids makes this festival more memorable for guardians.

  7. sudhir kumar says:

    celebration of Grandparents day as very rare schools do celebrate but some of
    them are not too likely as the Eurokids school organise this event with a
    lovely enthusiasm. Really loved it.!

  8. saurabh vyas says:

    joyously dedicates this event with childrens and with their grandparents
    every year. This is the best things I
    like in this school.

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