First conference of India-ATP launch in New Delhi, Prometric

Prometric have taken an Initiative for the ATS

Prometric welcomed first India-ATS lauch in New Delhi

Prometric has appreciated the Association of Test Publishers (I-ATP) launch at its first conference ‘The Future of Educational Assessment in India: Challenges and Opportunities’. The event was held on 20th November at the Habitat Center in New Delhi. More than 100 delegates were welcomed to the conference by I-ATP Division Chair Roy Soumitra, General Manager of Global Business Development for Prometric.  The event was promoted by the members of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and sponsored by I-ATP committee members.

Soumitra noted in his opening address, “The key objective of this conference is to urge the university officials to work with the India Division of the Association of Test Publishers, or I-ATP as we call it, to improve the quality of educational assessments for all students, to establish an ongoing dialogue with the university officials and to create an atmosphere where issues pertaining to higher education assessment can be freely discussed and solutions sought for.”

The conference covered various aspects of scientific techniques and practices like the latest trends in the field of computer based testing, various effective techniques that can help in higher education assessment such as content development, test design and construction, quality assurance and psychometric.

Hariharan Swaminathan, Professor Education in the Neag School at the University of Connecticut covered the future of assessment in India and its challenges & solutions in his presentations. He was joined by various renowned providers of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions like Prometric, Eduquity, and MeriTrac etc. Focusing on the history of testing in India, Swaminathan stated that, “it is not surprising that assessment and testing procedures in India have focused on selection and certification…(and) some of the selection examinations in India are perhaps the most grueling and most selective in the world.” As this test center view is different from others because it believes in truth and morals therefor it conducted.
An overview for the Center  

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is a trusted and market-leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment. Committed to a set of values that get the right test to the right location at the right time and to the right test taker, it supports candidates worldwide who take more than nine million tests each year. Through innovation, workflow automation and standardization, it advances test development and delivery solutions that are better, faster and at less expense for its clients. It is strictly against of cheat and fraud so it always wished to organize exams in better environment so one who is best can get what he deserves.


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  1. Radhika Aptey says:

    Really good initiative have taken for the good environment exams. Now ATS Would do more good

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