Global University Partners Alliance Launched by ARM in China

ARM has launched a new university alliance partnership that allows industry partners to develop high quality teaching materials based on their own technologies for engineering students around the world. The hardware and software kits will be centered around ARM teaching materials and will offer the most up-to-date professional-standard platforms and tools. The program will launch through partnerships with leading Chinese technology companies Beijing Chukong Technology Co. Ltd, the company behind Cocos2d/Cocos3d, one of the top global games engines, and GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.

“By being a part of this exciting ARM initiative, we will be able to utilize markets and resources beyond our own to train the next generation of mobile game developers worldwide.”

“This new initiative will give universities expanded access to diverse, low-cost hardware, industry-standard software tools and academically rigorous educational materials,” said Khaled Benkrid, manager, Worldwide University Program, ARM. “It builds on our well-established teaching tools program but significantly enhances the range of technologies and expertise the universities will get access to. We believe this to be a necessary step as educational establishments all around the world try to cope with increasingly diverse student populations and industry demands.”

This unique model will see the ARM® University Program developing core teaching materials which industry partners can easily tailor toward their own technologies. By utilizing the ARM ecosystem, the initiative will provide universities with sustainable access to diverse, low-cost, and high quality educational kits. This is a vital step to support academics as the pace of technological change exceeds their ability to keep up, especially given the pressures of balancing teaching with research.

The new alliance model will also anticipate future industry trends as the creation of teaching materials becomes an on-going collaborative enterprise across the ARM ecosystem. This will result in the production of regularly updated curricula that will allow students to maintain currency with state-of-the-art technologies. Ultimately, this will help resolve the ever-growing demand placed upon academia to produce workplace-ready graduates.

The first public members of the ARM University Program Alliance partnership are GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. and Beijing Chukong Technology Co. Ltd with additional worldwide partners to follow.

“Our mobile game development industry is growing at a huge rate. Students and developers need to be exposed to the underlying technologies,” said Zhiyuan Li, education director, Chukong Technology. “By being a part of this exciting ARM initiative, we will be able to utilize markets and resources beyond our own to train the next generation of mobile game developers worldwide.”

“Given the huge growth of our industry in China, there is a crucial need to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to sustain and build upon this growth,” said Alex Deng, general manager, MCUBU, GigaDevice. “We see this ARM university program alliance initiative as key to enabling this and we are very proud to be the first semiconductor company to support it.”



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