JECRC celebrates International Women’s Day, college pledges to respect women

International Women's Day Celebration at JECRC Campus

International Women’s Day saw celebrations all across the country with the role of women being acknowledged as equal in all the domains of the society. Be it political, social, professional, domestic or familial, women are taking over the world by storm, says vice-chairman of JECRC Amit Agarwal.

JECRC celebrated International Women’s Day with a lot of fun and rollick as its students vowed a pledge to respect women and treat them with dignity and equality. The students of JECRC also performed a Nukkad Natak in the college premises that centered on women empowerment.

Director of JECRC Foundation Shri Arpit Agrawal addressed the gathering during the celebration with a motivational speech.

JECRC has a dedicated team that works for women empowerment – Suhasini. Suhasini runs with the tagline ‘An Initiative to Save the Smile of Girl Child’. After the success accomplishment of the celebration in college, team Suhasini visited a village Barah Meel for a door to door visit to raise awareness on the matter.

“Our head is bowed down with shame when we look at the trials women have to go through in this unequal and patriarchal society. Sexual assaults, dowry related issues, disrespect, domestication, domestic violence, and so much more is still happening in the society and it is mind boggling,” said Amit Agarwal.

He added, “We firmly believe that the only plausible solution to the problem can be ascertained through education and awareness. Not just men but women who advocate the society’s patriarchal rules also need to believe in gender equality from their soul.”


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