National NGO to ‘Empower’ Differently Abled

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National Organisation for Social Empowerment recently launched its project, ‘Empower’, to facilitate learning among differently-abled students. Under this initiative, a training centre has been established in Vijay Nagar, New Delhi to unravel the underlying potential of the visually impaired and mentally challenged students. The centre focuses on imparting Computer related proficiency along with a keen focus on communication and soft skills to keep its students abreast with this competitive world. In spite of being in its nascent stage, the training centre has already received registrations by over thirty students of Delhi University.

Founder of the National NGO, Amandeep Singh believes,” God leaves you devoid of a few things only to give you something better. Those who are differently abled are blessed in a unique way. They possess a sharp mind combined with a will power and perseverance that is unparalleled. It’s a disappointment when such latent potential goes unnoticed in this competitive world. Project ‘Empower’ has been started with a vision to nurture such talent. We would consider ourselves lucky if we can contribute towards bringing out the underlying talent of the specially-abled people through our training centre. Their skills can make this world a much better place.”

This noble initiative has been well received by many teachers who have volunteered to make their contribution to this cause. Many of these teachers are differently abled and work diligently towards providing a dignified life to the students. National organisation for Social Empowerment, which has been actively working for the society, believes that project ‘Empower’ will give its students a sense of independence by instilling in them confidence to take on the world.

One of its teachers is of the opinion, “With communication skills and an exposure to technology, students will be able to stand tall and create their own identities. They may not have sight, but they do not lack a vision. They have high aspirations and it becomes our moral responsibility in helping them achieve what they aim for.”

National NGO has also been working extensively for over 3 years in fostering the childhood of differently-abled kids through their National Rehab Centre, where the focus is on treatment and rehabilitation of such kids.


5 thoughts on “National NGO to ‘Empower’ Differently Abled”

  1. Varun says:

    Its a different work done by national organisation for social empowerment.I think apart from working for poverty,its also necessary to fight for the differently- abled who are not given the right to live in this society equally and are being are treated as if they don’t have any identity .Society will empower only if each and every person will be equally treated.So National NGO ,i want to thank you guys that you are at least caring about them.
    I am with you.

  2. N.Parekh says:

    Hello National NGO,it is very nice to see some NGO working with this devotion.I have heard about your NGO and i am thinking of Join National NGO..It will be my pleasure to work for the needy.I hope that i am going to be a part of National Organisation for Social Empowerment very soon.

  3. karan says:

    I actually feel great that still there are people who cares for the needy ones.And I got to know that National NGO is doing the same.I also want to join it and want to help out the people from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Bhupendar singh says:

    They are disable ,doesn’t meant they have lack of are doing such a pious work National NGO .All the best

  5. Himanshu Rawal says:

    It a matter if proud for us that there is someone who care about the education of the differently abled society because most of us feel bad for them ,behave smoothly as an act of kindness but no one cares about their future ,their confidence.National NGO is doing such a responsible job for them.

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