Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda delivers lecture at Oxford University



Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda, Dean, Faculty of law, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune delivered a speech on the topic “Managing information during a terror attack – the case of Mumbai.” The event was held at Centre of Socio Legal Studies, University of Oxford based on “Comparative models of controlling information – flows in times of crisis.” Various law students, lawyers, judges and academicians from over 15 countries across the world attended the workshop. The event was graced by the presence of various eminent speakers were from US, UK, China and Georgia.
Explaining the role of media in times of crisis, Prof. Dr. Sarda said, “Responsible media should play a crucial role in promoting international peace and combating terrorism in days to come. The media should be more circumspect in crisis situations. Indian media has played a commendable role in such situations. The electronic media demonstrated exceptional role by adopting self-content code regulations in emergency situations. The faith in rule of law was evident and it was proved to the world that no one is above law and law is king of kings.” He further added, “It was a great moment of pride and honour to deliver a lecture at Oxford University. Visiting Oxford was like winning an Oscar for anyone.”
The views of Prof. Mukund Sarda, expressed eloquently, were greatly appreciated by everyone in the assembly. A great response was evoked in the question and answer session. Dr. Sarda was addressed by US President Barrack Obama and Tony Blair, former prime minister of UK at the 57th national prayer breakfast, attended by more than 5000 delegates from 180 countries all over the world held at Washington DC. He was received by Justice Moon, the Chief justice of Supreme Court of Hawaii, United States of America and also visited American Bar Association, Los Angeles Bar Association, Supreme Court of State of Hawaii and various Universities in Washington, New York and Los Angeles.


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