Rural Dynamic Workshop – An Interesting Facet of Welingkar’s Hybrid Management Programs

Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-HB) is built on the philosophy of developing result driven knowledge while making the distance learning platform more interactive.

Hybrid instruction methodology can best be defined as ‘a combination of online and traditional classroom instruction’ and is the latest trend in higher education.

The Welingkar ‘Hybrid’ comprises of various educational modes and formats of teaching and learning. As a part of the distance learning program, students are provided study material in different online and offline formats to suit their preference. The power of social media is optimally utilized to spread the motto of ‘continuous  learning.

Educational  trip  to  Sinnar,  Nasik

Students of Welingkar’s Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-HB) organized an educational trip to explore Sinnar, a village in Nasik, proud of its exemplary rural development. This also corroborated Mahatma Gandhi’s age old assertion: “The future of India lies in its villages.”

The visit to the farmers of Sinnar was an interesting facet to experiential learning in Welingkar’s Hybrid Management Program. It helped students to observe farmers conducting agricultural practices with the limitations of water resources. Farmers are educated through personalized training programs on how to minimize resources to maximize profit, liquidity of funds and speedy distribution of products. Fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides are made available through a centralized Agri Mall. Drip irrigation and ingenious methods of channelizing water from the dam initiated through the village Gram Panchayat, the local Yuva Mitra Mandal as well as social welfare and financial institutions contributed to a wealth of information and abetted the learning process.

Student  speak

Maria Pontes, one of the participants, said, “The Rural Dynamic Workshop has taught me in a practical manner how farmers are able to be better leaders through the use of technology and optimize resources to garner better returns.”

Lessons  learnt

This practical lesson in observing how the farming community draws benefits from the limitations around and the importance of rural banking, grain storage management, supply chain management, community mobilization process is a live example for the students of Welingkar Institute of Managment. There was also much to learn from team work, problem solving, communication, decision making and leadership which are attributes that can be implemented in the rise up the managerial ladder.



Welingkar Institute of Management with its accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Management through Distance Learning Programs has evolved into a serious educator built on the philosophy of developing result driven knowledge while making the distance learning platform more interactive. Leveraging on its unique hybrid teaching methodology through virtual classrooms, experiential learning, workshops, mobile applications and industrial visits, has earned Welingkar the recognition of being the ‘Top Distance Learning Institute


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