Sharda University to hold discussion on the relationship between law and technology

sharda universityPM Modi’s Digital India campaign has pervaded all the industries and initiated many discussions. The relationship between law and technology is often debated among scholars. Sharda University School of Law is organizing a panel discussion on ‘Law and Technology – Independent or Interdependent?’ which is based on the dynamics of this relationship. It is organizing this event in association with Legal Hackers India. The event is scheduled for 22nd September from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.

Panelists will include reputed persons from the field of Law and Technology including founders/ partners/ members of some renowned law firms/ legal start-ups/ organizations. It will not be in the form of guest lectures, but debating among the panelists moderated by Ms. Kanan Dhru (winner of Innovative Justice Award 2014 from Hague Institute of International Law) of Legal Hackers India.

Mr. PK Gupta, founder and chancellor of Sharda University, said “Through this panel discussion, we are looking forward to creating a platform for students of Sharda University School of Law to apply theoretical principles to the real world. Panel discussions are a very healthy way of promoting a more practical understanding of subjects. By choosing the topic ‘Law and Technology – Independent or Interdependent?’ we are trying to help our students understand the nuances of a digital India.”

The event is going to be attended by all the students and staff members of the school. Mr. Gupta added, “To ensure a proper safety of our students, we have arranged a pick and drop facility to and from the university.”

The attendees will also be presented with participation certificates for the session. A student from the school said, “We all are looking forward to the event. We are brainstorming on this topic and coming up with all possible scenarios. The reputed panelists are sure to provide us with new insights.”

About Sharda University

Sharda University is a leading Educational institution based at Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. A venture of the renowned SGI group, the University has established itself as a high quality education provider with prime focus on holistic learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students. The University is approved by UGC and prides itself in being the only multi-discipline campus in the NCR, spread over 63 acres and equipped with world class facilities. Sharda University promises to become one of the India’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching. With its outstanding faculty, world class teaching standards, and innovative academic programmes, Sharda intends to set a new benchmark in the Indian education system.


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