Statement from Sahara’s Spokesperson on the RBI’s NBFC Licence

RBI, in 2008 had issued an order banning NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) business of one of Sahara’s company – Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd.(SIFCL), against which Sahara approached the Courts and Hon’ble Allahabad High Court as well as subsequently, even the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, while providing relief to Sahara, had quashed the RBI’s ban order and asked RBI to hear SIFCL afresh. In pursuance of this, SIFCL and RBI, in a series of meetings in a mutually accepted manner decided a sun-set period for the NBFC business of SIFCL whereby from 2011 SIFCL was to stop taking fresh deposits and return the erstwhile deposits and eventually, in 2015 close the NBFC. It is in pursuance of this mutually decided upon arrangement and as per the wish of Sahara that the RBI has cancelled this licence and therefore is not at all any kind of blow, etc., to Sahara in any manner, as is being mentioned by some.

Moreover, regarding the SEBI order on Sahara Mutual Fund, we would like to mention that the mutual fund business of Sahara is very small with total assets under management of Rs. 134.29 crore only and is in infancy state with no major consequences on the group. Moreover, the actual reason behind SEBI’s action is that SEBI has asked to change the sponsorer company in which Shri Subrata Roy Sahara ji was there. SEBI can only explain the basis of their decision to do so. However, Sahara is in the process of doing the needful as SEBI has directed.

Sahara stands on strong foundations which are evident from its un-withered standing even during the current constraints. However, Sahara will overcome this momentary constraint once its bank accounts and properties are de-freezed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and our Chairman’s judicial custody is recalled.

About Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited (SIFO)

Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited is the first Residury Non-Banking Company of the country that has been granted Certificate of Registration by Reserve Bank of India in conformity with directions applicable on Residuary Non-Banking Financial Companies (RNBCs)

First RNBC to be granted a certificate of registration by the Reserve Bank of India.Number of deposit accounts as on Aug-2010-2.348 Cr. Comapany has 1508 Service Centres, succeeded in inculcating the savings habit amongst the common man-middle/lower middle/lower class of the society with even a minimum daily deposit of Re.1. Contributing to the national economy for the overall development of the country, through money invested in Government Securities, Banks & Institutions.Compliance of ‘KYC’ and Anti Money Laundering standards of RNBC’s issued by the Reserve Bank of India.


4 thoughts on “Statement from Sahara’s Spokesperson on the RBI’s NBFC Licence”

  1. Jagmohan Upadhyay says:

    Sahara has been doing a great work since its establishment. Working for people’s welfare is their major concern from the very beginning, and founding SIFCL was one of those initiatives whose major concern was to help people in investing their money. So why stopping the good work?

  2. Sarthak Modi says:

    This is a good news. Sahara is slowly and eventually gaining its ground back. The mutual consent between RBI and Sahara will surely solve the matter. I hope the group is on the path towards redemption.

  3. Sidhhant Mittal says:

    Sahara wasn’t bad isn’t bad now. This ruling by SC has proved it. It is trapped in a legal hussle but will soon recover. I am happy that RBI and Sahara have reached a mutual consent.

  4. kulbeer gill says:

    Sahara has become a huge brand now the way they are doing there work. They work for the people to make there life better. It obvious that the court has to cancel the RBI’s ban.

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